Sunny Leone's Chica Loca Is Redefining Dining In Noida
Image Credit: Chica Loca/ Instagram

If you live in Noida, you know how hard it is to find parking or a table in a restaurant located in Sector 18, 37, or 104. These localities are bustling with food joints, ranging from budget-friendly to high-end. Amid this, actor Sunny Leone and businessman and restaurateur Sahil Baweja launched Chica Loca, a chic multi-cuisine restaurant, in January 2024, in Sector 129, Noida. 

“I first met Daniel, Sunny’s husband, and we discussed restaurant experience around Sunny. When I met Sunny, I thought there was so much more to tell and talk about. We were sure that we didn’t want to build a night bar, we wanted to create an energetic and fun space to drink and dine. Since Sunny and I have lived and travelled to various parts of the world, we wanted to introduce those experiences via food, and that’s how Chia Loca and its menu came into existence,” said Sahil Baweja, Co-Founder Chica Loca and Roadies Koffeehouz, in an exclusive chat with Slurrp.

Image Credit: Chica Loca/ Instagram

The moment you enter Chica Loca, the chic interior, fun playlist, and lavish vibe will sweep you off your feet. There are images of Sunny Leone from various aspects of her life. The menu also features her journey, and most importantly, the dishes are named after the actor, model, and fashionista. 

“For me, Chica Loca is a place to have good food and spend fun time with friends, family, and loved ones,” said Sunny Leone, adding, “It is an extension of my brand, which over a period, I have diversified into many sectors.” She owns a cruelty-free cosmetic brand, called Star Struck. The actor launched Teen Patti, an online card game, owns a perfume brand, and has invested in a PETA-approved athleisure brand.

“My favourite food memory is relishing aloo paratha, and whenever I am not shooting, I am always cooking for kids and enjoying time with my family,” said the actor while talking about her love for food and sharing it with the world. This one-of-a-kind joint in Noida is a collective vision of Sunny Leone, Sahil Baweja, and Chef Vaibhav Bhargava. You will witness that the multi-cuisine menu includes not just Indian dishes but also Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Continental. From vada pav and Chica Loca makhani dal to risotto and sushi, they have a wide variety of options for vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian foodies. 

Chica Loca’s Summer Menu

Chica Loca has recently come up with a summer menu comprising delightful delicacies, refreshing mocktails, and surprising cocktails. Chefs at the restaurant have mastered the art of infusing foreign cuisines with Indian spices. They have some unique mocktails boasting an amalgamation of surprising elements.

Order the Chica Loca Passion mocktail and the first sip will elevate your mood with the cinnamon notes. Not just that, if you have a grasp of Indian spices, you will be able to identify subtle but strong flavours of other spices like black pepper and star anise. 

Move over to Fizi Tamarind, and it will leave your taste buds tantalised. The citrus notes of tamarind pair well with any spicy or fruity dish that you order. Bringing respite from heat are the summer-friendly dishes on their menu, including beetroot kebabs, watermelon tartlets, paneer tafti, mango expression sushi rolls, and avocado chaat.

If you think that only galouti kebabs can melt in your mouth, wait to try beetroot kebabs at Chica Loca. Balanced flavours and crunch from sesame seeds will leave you wanting for more. They are lightweight and served on a banana leaf, making them appear irresistible.

The best thing about watermelon tartlets was the crust. It was crunchy and lightweight. The moment you take a bite, juicy watermelon and avocado will leave you with a burst of flavour. 

Next comes paneer tafti. If you are someone who likes to try new dishes, this is the one that will definitely surprise you with its umami flavours. Rich filling wrapped in thin slices of paneer served with a creamy gravy and garnished with crunchy tafti. 

People who are fans of chaat must try avocado chaat, which according to Sahil is among favourites of Sunny, “since she is a vegetarian,” he added. On the base of tamarind chutney, Greek yoghurt, and mint chutney, the chef adds chopped avocados, onions, and pomegranate seeds. He finishes the dish with chopped green chillies, sev, and crunch papdi. The hint of nutty and sweet notes of avocado are complemented by spicy and tangy chutneys, green chillies, and yoghurt. 

Unique Cocktails At Chica Loca And Stories Behind Them

Image Credit: Chica Loca/ Instagram

Apart from food, Chia Loca is famous for its cocktails. According to Sahil Baweja, a huge part of sales come from their unique cocktails, like Dirty 99 (Daniel Webber’s Instagram username), You Do You, Sunsunny (Sansani) News, NRI Whisky, Tiger Momma, Mid Summer Night’s Dream, Rainbow Tripin, and more. “Cocktails should have memories, that’s how you make them interesting. We sat with Sunny to collect stories and experiences from her and paired them with cocktails,” shared Sahil Baweja. 

The best-selling cocktail at Chica Loca is Sunsunny through which the actor declared her love for coffee. Not only will this drink amaze you, but if you are a coffee lover too, you will like the strong aroma and flavours of coffee infused with rose syrup, tonic, and gin. Sahil says that this cocktail is also an ode to media, journalists, and all the spicy news pieces that were around Sunny. 

Sahil Baweja and Sunny Leone shared that soon Chic Loca will soon be opening its outlets across India. “We are looking to open 5-6 more restaurant bars (high-energy bars with gourmet dining options) in the next year and a half. We are exploring all cities, including Lucknow, Gurugram, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. As we further grow, the collective vision of Sunny and I will be portrayed,” said Sahil Baweja.