Sunny Leone Lavish Breakfast In Maldives Pool, Take A Look

Actress Sunny Leone recently made her followers' day by posting a series of breathtaking photos to Instagram with the message, "No filter needed for this morning!" This summer, Sunny Leone is setting the internet on fire with photos of her relaxing on the beach and eating a delicious breakfast in the pool in the beautiful Maldives. Sunny seamlessly serves as a source of summer motivation for her legion of followers. Over 300,000 people liked the post, and many more commented with compliments, sending it viral across social media. 

 The pictures showed Sunny having a relaxing time by her personal pool while wearing an alluring swimsuit and imbibing from a bottle of wine, some toast, and an array of exotic fruits. The entire spread was exquisitely embellished with floral arrangements. This isn't the first time we've seen a video of Sunny Leone enjoying food on her Instagram. She had previously travelled to Germany's Zurich, where she indulged in a mouthwatering vegetarian burger. After making an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera, she jetted into the city. She stated in the video, "Post Cannes meal."  

If you wish to enjoy an exotic breakfast platter too, here’s how you can prepare your own at home.  

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