Not Aam Panna, Impress Your Kid With This Aam Panna Popsicle
Image Credit: Why Settle For Aam Panna When You Can Have Aam Panna Popsicle?

If you happen to be somewhat of a mango lover, then we bet that even in between this intense heatwave, you have a reason to smile each time you open your refrigerator. Mangoes are called the ‘king of fruits’, and the kings of India have been rather taken by the fruit. The Mughal kings were known to be so fond of the fruit, that special patronages were granted for mango cultivation. Mangos are so beloved in India, that there are many cultivars of the same within the country like alphonso, kesar, langda, chausa and more. Not just the ripe mangoes, but even raw mangoes are treasured greatly. Aam Panna is perhaps one of the most beloved summer drinks, it is made with the pulp of raw mangoes, that is blended with jaggery, chaat masala, cumin powder et al. It is slightly sweet and sour, and very refreshing on hot summer days, which is perhaps why it is popularly served as a welcome drink too in most outdoor gatherings that happen during this time. Aam Panna is best served chilled, but you know what is perhaps one step better, an aam panna popsicle!

A Desi Popsicle? Yes, Please

Popsicle or ice pops are essentially flavoured ice on stick. Did you know, it was invented by an accident? As it turns out, in the year 1905, an 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a cupful of powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick on his San Francisco porch and forgot about it. In the cold, wintry night, the solution froze and when Frank tastes it the next day, he quite liked his ‘invention’. This was of course, more than 100 years ago, since then, we have witnessed so many flavours of popsicles that it is hard to keep track. This aam panna popsicle is definitely one delightful ‘desi spin’ to this evergreen treat. And you basically have to do nothing. The recipe is so easy, you can make it with your children too. It could be like a fun, summer-bonding activity between you too.

Image credit: Pixabay | Popsicle or ice pops are essentially flavoured ice on stick. 

First of all, as you must have guessed, you have to make the aam panna. For that you need to roast the mangoes on gas, let them cool down, remove the burnt skin and wash it. Now chop these mangoes in make a smooth paste out of it in a mixer grinder, throw in some mint leaves too for added freshness. In a pan, boil sugar and one glass of water, add the mango-mint paste and mix until the sugar dissolves. Cook for 10 minutes with a pinch of salt and roasted cumin powder. Your aam panna is ready. Mix with water and drink it as it is. Or, let this mixture cool down and pour in popsicle mould and set in freezer for 4-5 hours. Now, your popsicles are ready to devour.