Sukuti To Dhido: Explore The Delectable Dishes Of Himalayas
Image Credit: Deepa Shrestha/facebook

Himalayas is one such place in India that is not only blessed with scenic beauty but also has a plethora of delectable dishes. This cuisine is a culmination of Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian flavours together on a plate. It incorporates some of the finest and lavish delicacies that are prepared with the local produce and flavours of the Himalayas. 

This mountainous land is rich in spice-laden food, meats and vegetables and due to the extreme weather conditions, the local food here is super nourishing. One of the most popular dishes here are the iconic momos, which are made with meat or vegetables stuffing. But there is much more to explore in the kitchen of Himalayas. 

Here are five dishes from the Himalayan cuisine that are worth trying: 

1. Sukuti 

Prepared with dried meat marinated in spices, Sukuti is a staple dish of the Limbu and Gurung community. It is usually made from the meat of lamb, buffalo or goat which is popular as an appetizer in the Himalayan region. Sukuti is often served with noodle dishes like chowmein.  

2. Aloo Tama Bodi 

The word tama means bamboo shoots which is one of the main ingredients in this dish. Aloo tama bodi is a curry dish that is made from fermented bamboo shoots, potatoes and black-eyed peas. Bell pepper and tomatoes are also added to enhance the taste of the dish. Aloo tama bodi is best served with rice or naan. 

3. Samay Baji 

Samay baji is a traditional food of Newar community that consists of many dishes served with flattened rice. This dish also makes an appearance in the local celebrations and festivals. It includes fried boiled eggs, black-eyed peas curry, saag, boiled potatoes and is commonly served with local aila (spirit) or chyaang which is a white wine. 

4. Dhido 

Belonging to Nepalese cuisine, dhido is a nutritious and filling dish that is made with a variety of flours, mainly corn and buckwheat. This thick porridge is also said to be a cheaper alternative of rice. Traditionally made in iron pan, dhido is usually served with pickles, dal, curry, mustard greens and buttermilk.   

5. Yak Cheese 

Locally known as Himalayan candy, this cheese is made from milk produced by chauri which is a cross breed between a male yak and a female cow. It is one of the favourite snacks in the eastern India and very popular in Nepal and Bhutan as well. These candies are made to be sucked as they are super hard and cannot be broken by teeth.   

Make sure to try all these traditional dishes on your next visit to Himalayas.