A Sneak Peek Into Malaika Arora’s Healthy, Comforting Dinner In The Himalayas
Image Credit: Malaika Arora Instagram

Up in the hills, relaxing and rejuvenating her mind and soul, Malaika Arora is enjoying her peaceful vacation with her family. The actress, dancer and judge who has worn many hats in the Bollywood industry and stunned us with her talents, Malaika Arora is well-known for her leaning towards fitness and health. You would often spot her walking in and out of the gym or the yoga studio at different times of the day. The actress has been a proponent of yoga and meditation and practices it herself too. No wonder, she decided to spend a few days in the lap of nature, surrounded by the mountains and her two confidantes, her mother and sister. Garbing the attire of a yogi, she was seen wearing a white kurta and palazzo set with a beaded necklace in her neck. 

She has been quite actively sharing her experiences at the retreat on her Instagram stories. She also gave us a sneak-peak into her lunch thali which was specially-curated, keeping in mind all the wellness elements. Later, she was seen relaxing in the outdoors and told her followers to come and experience the bliss themselves. Finally, at night, we see her gorging on a delicious dinner plate. She calls it a, “healthy, scrumptious desi dinner”. The plate looks really wholesome and calming. 

We spotted a subzi of aloo methi in the corner of the plate with some yellow dal khichdi topped with achaar beside it. There’s another dry vegetable dish in the far end of the plate and some kadhi-like dish peeking through another corner. The light and healthy dinner plate is definitely something that comforts you and makes you feel at home. Look at what her plate looked like. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Malaika Arora

To satiate the sweet tooth, look no further. This Rajgira sheera is the perfect companion. The thick pudding is made from amaranth flour, mixed with sugar and milk. A delicious dessert, the sheera is another name for halwa. Cooked in ghee, the richness of the sheera is enhanced with the addition of chopped nuts like almonds and pistachios.