Sujeonggwa is a a decadent cinnamon punch which is traditional drink in Korea. It is often served cold as a dessert. However, during the winter time it’s consumed hot, and thus promises to keep one warm and healthy. This Korean cinnamon punch is slightly dark reddish in colour and loaded with myriad flavors. The drink is simply made out of dried persimmon, ginger, cinnamon and finished off with a handful of crushed pine nuts that are garnished over the top. Dried persimmon is a type of traditional dried fruit snack that can be found in East Asia. This hearty punch is initially brewed by mixing cinnamon and ginger together at a slow boil. It is clarified by removing only the solids and then the remaining liquid is boiled again but with a dash of honey or brown sugar. As per the traditional method of brewing, the dried persimmons are cut into portions and added to soak right after the brew has completely cooled. The hot version of the drink is blended in the same manner except the persimmons are added when the brew is hot instead of cold. It’s a popular digestif in Korea which is admired by the locals for it’s perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors, and of course its tantalizing fragrance. It’s an ancient drink that dates back to the mid of the 18th century. The earliest mention of Sujeonggwa is found in a book called Dongguksesigi that was published in 1849. The book talks about the traditional customs and rituals during that year in Korea. It also revealed its readers the traditional brewing process which is done with the help of dried persimmons, ginger and pine nuts. Years later, another book was published which also discussed the steps of brewing and use of ingredients for this drink. With passage of time, people discovered several ways of brewing it so there are tons of unique recipes that can be found throughout the world. At present, Sujeonggwa is relished all year-round in Korea and other parts of the globe.

Here is an apple flavored Sujeonggwa recipe you can try at home