Suffering From Dengue? Try 6 Foods For Speedy Recovery

Spread by the bite of an infected mosquito mostly aedes aegypti, dengue is viral disease which is on a rise these days in the country. With symptoms like body ache, fever, vomiting, nausea, pains, dengue is a disease which, if not taken care of, can even lead to death. The only way to keep disease miles away is to strengthen the immunity system. Having a diet full of seasonal foods, foods rich in nutrients, staying physically active and avoiding stress, can keep this viral disease away. 

If you are already suffering from diabetes, you must know that having the right nutrients and adequate hydration can help speedy recovery. It is essential to monitor the platelets and if serious, hospitalization is essential. So, let us take you through 6 foods that can help in speedy recovery. Here you go! 

Having Fluids And Liquid 

Having water and plenty of fluids is essential. Taking herbal teas, broths and soups, warm concoctions along with lassi or buttermilk, lemon water, coconut water can help in increasing the platelet count. Drinks which are hydrating and rich in electrolytes will just detoxify the system but will also build up the immune system. 

Having Vegetables 

Having seasonal and coloured vegetables should be added to the diet for overall health and wellness. Seasonal vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and could boost the immune system. These veggies can meet deficiencies in the body and can help in living a healthier lifestyle. 

 Having Fruits 

Seasonal fruits like cherries, plum, pears, jamun, apples, papaya, pomegranates etc. Are rich in vitamin C and other essential minerals. Because of being rich in fiber and antioxidants, these fruits can help in improving digestion, support gut health and boost immunity system. It can keep seasonal diseases and infections at bay. 

Having Spices 

Common spices that we use every day could eliminate so many issues in the body. Spices and herbs like turmeric, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, garlic etc. Have antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties which can boost immune system. These spices can also help in regulating immune cells and can battle diseases. It is advisable to consume these spices for overall health. 

Having Probiotics 

Foods rich in probiotics like curd, buttermilk, cheese kefir, soybean milk, kombucha etc. must have in the diet. These foods are a powerhouse of good bacteria which can be beneficial for the digestive system as well as immunity.  

Having Nuts And Seeds 

Nuts and seeds are loaded with the goodness of essential minerals and nutrients. They contain fiber, protein, antioxidants and so many compounds considered beneficial for the body. These nuts and seeds can boost immunity and can prevent viral diseases like dengue. 

Have these foods on the diet and let us know if they worked!