Straight Oota, Bengaluru: Shop For Local Delights On The Basavangudi Food Trail

What’s immensely special about going on a local food walk – besides getting to sample some delicious bites – is to be able to bring a piece of the experience back home; and as delightful as it is to enjoy a fresh-off-the-stove snack, some treats are meant to be reserved for more solitary times. Whether you choose to share your haul or simply enjoy the fruits of your long walk by yourself, Slurrp’s Basavangudi Food Trail leads to a locality, which is replete with stores stocking up some of the most fascinating pantry products and fresh snacks.

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The 1956-established Sreenivasa Brahmins Bakery has been a Bengaluru institution for locals, since it is also the home of the iconic Congress Kadlekai. This, in addition to addictive savoury puffs, honey cake, crisp ambode – or masala vada and the benne biscuits have been repeat hits during many a tea time sessions. As one of the city’s dry snack havens, the bakery is also popular for their ‘Chintamani’ peanuts and lip-puckering seasonal pickles.

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As one looks around to keep an eye on grocery stores, there’s also an interesting diversity to be noted – as Kerala stores decorate their entance with nendra pazham. – a local banana variety used for pazham pori, among other treats like puttu mixes and meat masalas.

Another unmissable spot – the 80-year old Subamma Stores – better known as Srinivasa Condiments Stores stocks up delicious preserves like the gooseberry thokku to local snacks like the khara nipattu, the generational business is now the go-to spot for Bengaluru’s dwellers for spice blends, chutney podis to pair with hot ghee rice, the seasonal avarekkai mixture, kodubale, holige and pretty much everything that the founder – Subamma passed down through traditional family recipes. What makes Bengaluru’s grocery shops and bakeries characteristic is not only top-quality products, but also the loyalties they enjoy amongst the masses.

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Shopping because you’re an enthusiast in the kitchen or shopping out of convenience – take your pick. Balance indulgence and guilt with healthy snacks from Shenoy Stores, a millet lover’s treasure trove for ragi chakli, bujia and jams made using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Here’s a compiled list of must-buys we highly recommend:

  • Chutney podi
  • Ambode
  • Holige
  • Puttu mix
  • Nipattu
  • Gooseberry thokku
  • Kodubale
  • Honey cake
  • Chintamani peanuts

Slurrp’s Basavanagudi Breakfast Food Trail is not only just about the Oota of the neighbourhood, but also the stories behind iconic places that make the locality a must-visit when in Bengaluru. Find the details to book your slot on Slurrp’s Basavanagudi Breakfast Food Trail below.

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