Straight Oota, Bengaluru: Sign Up For Basavanagudi Food Trail

Every food enthusiast travelling to new places across the world wants to experience the best a city has to offer in terms of local flavours. But do a search online, and most people are left confused. Of course, as a foodie, you want to try every place these search engines throw up as “must-visit” or “must-have”–but that’s simply impossible logistically and can take a heavy toll on your digestion too, right? Slurrp’s Food Trails aims to make this very experience nothing short of a cakewalk for you. 

Slurrp’s Food Trails will offer meticulously curated food experiences across Indian cities, with Slurrp’s editors and food experts leading each trail to not only introduce you to local delicacies but also help you immerse in the vibes of every neighbourhood we touch. A prime example of this is the upcoming Slurrp Basavanagudi Breakfast Trail, which will take foodies on a tour of the yummiest dose, vade, baths and more offered in this neighbourhood of Bengaluru.

Basavanagudi History And Significance 

For many Bangaloreans, Basavanagudi is synonymous with nostalgia and memories, but for a foodie, it is nothing short of a gastronomic journey when done right. The neighbourhood of Basavanagudi captures the essence of old Bengaluru. The locality got its name from a centuries-old bull temple. In Kannada, ‘Basava’ translates to bull and ‘gudi’ means temple.

Many Bangaloreans find Basavanagudi the main centre for shopping, especially Gandhi Bazaar and DVG Road. From floral decoration to fashion, these two areas are worth the expedition. Sreenivasa Brahmin’s Bakery and VB Bakery are popular in Bengaluru for serving the best varieties of cakes, khara biscuits, and buns, while stores like Subamma specialise in local condiments, snacks, pickles and even masala powders. 

Basavanagudi Has The Best Breakfast Trail In Bengaluru 

Locals and gastronomes will tell you that if you wish to begin your day with a hearty meal, Basavanagudi is a must-explore locality. Nettkalappa Circle in this area is surrounded by restaurants serving specialities from Karnataka cuisine, including idli, dosa, kadlekayi, khara bath, and more. Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room to Vidyarthi Bhavan, you can get the best morning platters in these restaurants along with hydrating beverages to begin your day in the right way.

Slurrp’s Basavanagudi Breakfast Trail intends to capture this vibe of the neighbourhood, with Slurrp’s Editor, Meghana Dayanand, leading a curated walk down the bylanes, stopping over at the best restaurants, eateries and even bakeries and stores. As a local and a die-hard food explorer, Meghana Dayanand is going to take foodies who sign up for the walk through the history of the neighbourhood, the best plates of food on offer, and share all the tidbits and colloquialisms that you need to master too.

The Slurrp Basavanagudi Breakfast Food Trail will therefore not only be about the Oota of the neighbourhood, but also the stories behind the iconic places that make this neighbourhood a must-visit while you are in Bengaluru. Here are all the details you need to know about Slurrp’s Basavanagudi Breakfast Food Trail. 

Date: 29 June 2024 

Timings: 7:30AM - 11:15AM 

How To Register: Click here

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