Soaked Raisins: 8 Ways The Superfood Promotes Wellness

Grandmothers and elderly folk at home have for long advocated soaking raisins in water overnight to be had the next morning along with raisin water for their many health benefits. Raisins are packed with fibres and many useful nutrients and minerals which can help to strengthen digestion and boost overall health. Now, nutritionists and dieticians have also begun to advocate the importance of adding raisins to your diet to start the morning on a healthier note.

Soaking raisins or kishmish allows this dried fruit to puff up as it absorbs water owing to an osmotic effect which in turn helps to speed up the process of absorbing the nutrients from the raisins once they are consumed. A couple of spoons of raisins soaked in a bowl overnight and chewed on the next morning is a handy home remedy for dealing with multiple ailments and for fortifying bodily wellness. 

Simultaneously, the raisin water that is left behind also carries multiple nutrients that ooze out of the dried fruit through the night. Drinking raisin water is then a handy way to reduce oxidative stress and boost iron levels in the body. Read on below for some health benefits of raisins or dried grapes that work towards achieving a holistic physical wellness:

Helps In Losing Excess Calories

Having soaked raisins or drinking raisin water upon waking up in the morning can help to get rid of excess calories by inhibiting sugar cravings. The naturally sweet kishmish also reduces the tendency to overeat and helps to induce feelings of satiety that last through the day, thereby reducing the load on the digestive system.

Helps To Smoothen Bowel Movements

Kishmish is rich in fibre so it helps to get rid of constipation and smoothens bowel movements. Additionally, raisins help to reduce acidity because of their alkaline nature and promote pH balance in the body to lower the risk of acid reflux or heartburn. Consuming raisins in the morning can also help to get rid of bloating and flatulence.

Boosts Iron Levels

Raisins have high levels of iron, an extremely crucial mineral for transporting oxygen in the body and for the production of red blood cells. Soaked raisins are often recommended as a home remedy, along with other medication, for patients suffering from anaemia, a condition in which the body's ability to produce red blood cells is severely compromised.

Helps To Strengthen Liver

Raisins contain bioflavonoids which help to fortify the liver and enable it to function to its optimum. If you find yourself consuming too much alcohol on a weekend drinking binge, be sure to start the next week with soaked raisins and raisin water to heal and detox the liver which cannot effectively process alcohol.

Promotes Bone Health

Raisins are a rich source of calcium and essential minerals along with vitamin B and other micronutrients that help to strengthen the body. Having soaked raisins in the morning thereby slows down age-induced muscular degeneration and promotes a strengthening of the bones to reduce joint pain and stiffness.

Helps In Detox

Since raisins are a good source of antioxidants, chewing on soaked kishmish or drinking raisin water can be a good way to detox and get rid of harmful bacteria in the system. Soaked raisins also protect the body against free radical damage and the high content of ferulic acid and rutin plays a role in strengthening blood vessels, promoting brain function and reducing tissue damage. 

Improves Immunity

Due to the high proportion of antioxidants, raisins are also considered as a good home remedy for warding off bacterial and viral infections. Raisins help to lower inflammation, which essentially means that the body's disease-fighting mechanism is so strengthened that tissue swelling goes down and the body's tendency to contract seasonal disorders is dramatically reduced.

Fortifies Healthy Hair Growth

Soaked raisins have a potent impact on the production of red blood cells and on blood circulation. For those experiencing hair fall, soaked raisins can play a vital role in promoting healthy hair growth due to better and healthier blood flow which strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair thinning. Have raisin water early in the morning to gradually feel the magic of healthy, nourishing hair strengthening.