Lose Belly Fat With 5 Dry Fruits Stored In Your Kitchen

Losing belly fat is no less than a challenge. And believe me, just working out is not going to help. Diet plays a crucial role. It's not just about what to eat but also what to eat and how to eat. You may be shocked to know that you don’t have to rush after chemical-based products in order to lose belly fat as there are some natural foods that can help. We are talking about nothing but dry fruits. Yes, you read that right.  

Some dry fruits, not all, are high in fiber, protein and other essential nutrients that can help you lose that extra belly fat. Besides, they also promote a healthy lifestyle. Just to make your life a little easier, here are 5 dry fruits that can help you lose belly fat. Have a look: 


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, iron, calcium and so many other phytonutrients, walnuts are considered for weight loss. With their unique source of fatty acid, walnuts can speed up the fat burning process and can also help in getting rid of metabolic disorders. It can prevent obesity as well. 


Raisins are healthy and delicious, and we all know this. Did you know that raisins are a great source of fiber? Not just this, they also have less calories and are loaded with so many essential nutrients. Their low glycemic index makes them a perfect snack for weight loss. 

Dry Figs 

Also known as anjeer, dry fig is not just delicious but a powerhouse of fiber. Moreover, this dry fruit is low in calories and high in antioxidants. The best part is that anjeer is easy to digest and can also be consumed by people with poor digestion. 

Dry Apricot 

Apricot is one such fruit quite popular for its refreshing and sweet taste. But taste is not the only good thing it comprises of. Dried apricots are low in calories and fat which makes them perfect for weight loss. Its fiber content keeps digestive health in check, and it can also curb overeating. 


Known for their sweetness, dates are also power packed with fiber, magnesium and potassium. Dates can prevent hunger pangs and can fulfil the magnesium requirement in the body. Dates are also rich in fiber and thus, they can keep blood sugar levels stable. Some studies claim that dates can actually help in losing fat. 

Did you know about these dry fruits?