Spaghetti: A Delectable Pasta With An Interesting History

Many of us just love spaghetti and don’t need anything else when it is around. Having been served with a variety of delectable sauces and ingredients, spaghetti has quite a fan base, and it is a staple in kitchens across the globe. One can play with so many versatile ingredients while using spaghetti to make a pasta dish. Spaghetti makes for a delicious, inexpensive meal. But what is the origin of this delectable kind of pasta?

Well, there is a tale that's quite complex but interesting. If some legends are to be believed, spaghetti’s origins could be traced back to China. It is said that a form of pasta made up of wheat flour and water was created in China some 4000 years ago, but around the 13th century, the dish paved its way to Italy. It was a man named Marco Polo who brought the invention of this pasta back to Italy. During his travels in China, Polo obtained the recipe, and thus the spaghetti adventure began. The dish quickly became a local favourite and a household staple.

Legends say that Marco Polo was highly impressed by the amazing flavours and textures of this kind of pasta when he came across it in China and decided to take it back to Italy. For many years, he is said to have experimented and played with various flours, herbs, and spices in order to achieve perfection. Finally, he developed a recipe that became an absolute hit in Italy. In the 19th century, it truly began to gain popularity around the world. Italian immigrants took the dish along wherever they settled and introduced it to new people and new cultures. Spaghetti’s charm quickly spread throughout Europe and beyond.

No matter how it came to be, we can enjoy this meal however we like. A world without spaghetti is beyond imagination, so let’s take some time and appreciate this beauty. Marco Polo and his inventiveness introduced us to this exciting but calming meal. After all, the point of life is to discover your pasta abilities!