South Korea’s Refreshing Yoghurt & Soju Cocktail
Image Credit: Unsplash

Yakult, a probiotic drink popular is most South Asian countries is particularly favoured in South Korea. Apart from being served as complimentary dessert in local eateries around the country, it is a grocery store staple. Often sold in single-serve containers, it is mostly known for the original citrus and vanilla flavours. On the other hand, Soju, is a South Korean distilled liquor traditionally made with rice, sweet potato or tapioca. The national drink of South Korea is mostly found in Asian supermarkets or convenience stores, and is often profiled as a flavour similar to vodka. That being said, the average ratio of alcohol content in soju is significantly lesser at 24% whereas vodka commonly contains about 40% concentration. The origins of the fermented liquor dates back to the 14th century, and has a newly found admiration among female drinkers in the country because of which fruit flavours like strawberry, grapes and peach were made available.

Due to its low volume of alcohol, soju pairs well with other flavours and alcoholic beverages. The low prices of bottles of soju in Korea also make them a preferred drink of choice. The Yogurt Soju cocktail, while not necessarily boozy in flavour, has a refreshing light consistency to it that makes it an ideal drink to serve huge groups of people or even for a quick midweek nightcap. The drink is perfect to pair with Korean small plates of kimchi, salads, stir fried rice cakes or a meal of pork belly fried rice. Along with the flavours of the yogurt-based drink and soju, the cocktail also contains a splash of 7-Up which adds more sugary-citrus-ness and a bit of fizz to the drink. Find the recipe for a serving for two below:

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  • 1 bottle (500 ml) Soju
  • 3-4 bottles Yakult
  • 2 cans Sprite
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • Few lemon slices


In a pitcher, pour the Yakult, soju and sprite and mix well. Add ice to a glass and pour the mixture and serve chilled, garnished with slices of lemon.