The ‘terrible twos’ and ‘threes’ are years that pass through like a hurricane. You do not realise that your toddler can be so difficult unless their activities speak for themselves. Toddlerhood is more about running around, catering to the kid’s needs and keeping a tab on their meal intake.

As a mom of a toddler myself, I know it can get worrisome sometimes thinking about why your child is not hungry even though they are active the whole day. Bearing that and other problems in mind, we bring you five tried and tested recipes that can be made quickly with minimum meal preparation. These are healthy, filling and makes you feel less guilty about not making a meal appealing enough for your toddler.

Pancakes With A Mommy Twist

Use some fine sooji and mix it in fresh curd. Add water to dilute it properly, then add salt, pepper and finely-chopped seasonal veggies. Spread it on a hot tawa like a pancake and cook well. Add some sugar, if your toddler has a sweet tooth or else keep it savoury. This is an easy way to ensure your kiddo eats those veggies without much fuss.

Saboodana In Kiddo Food

If your baby doesn't eat much of the regular dal chawal, cook some sabudana khichdi instead. Remember to soak the saboodana well before cooking it with dal and vegetables. Make sure to add spices that work for your toddler.

Pat A Potato

Take a whole potato and microwave it for a minute. Remember to prick it with a fork before turning the oven on. Mash this and add some cheese and light seasoning. An ideal way for those carbs to make their way into that tiny tummy, this is.

Parathas Pointers

Parathas are the yummiest way to pack in a punch. Use lentils and vegetables as the fillers. Always use ghee for soft results. Serve with homemade dahi that is tempered with jeera tadka. This cuts down the risk of getting a bad throat due to the curd.

Toddler meal plans and menus need not be complex or time-consuming. It needs to be clever and prepped with a plan. Once you get the hang of your toddler's eating pattern, meal plans easily work their way around.

About Author: Satarupa B. Kaur has been writing professionally for a decade now. But, always on the go, she loves to travel, books, playtime with her toddler as she explores new places and food!