Sorry Masala Dosa, You’ve Got The Kurkure Dosa To Compete With Now
Image Credit: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram, This dosa has left the netizens appalled.

For a layman who hasn’t really explored the southern parts of the country, the knowledge of cuisine is usually limited to idlis, dosa, vadas and sambhar. Whenever we say that we’re going for South Indian meal in the northern parts of the country, it usually refers to either of the above mentioned dishes with a few additions here and there. My favourite is the classic masala dosa. For the unversed, dosa is a South Indian crepe made from rice flour. The dosa comes stuffed with a spicy potato filling and some coconut chutney and sambhar on the side. 

The upsurge in the number of food trends and interesting combinations has made us witness things like vada pav ice cream, ice cream panipuri and even, ice cream dosa. The dosa is mashed along with vanilla ice cream and rolled into an ice cream roll. We don’t know what makes people think of such abominations like the latest kurkure dosa. Well, the idea doesn’t sound really bad at first since both are savoury items. Here’s the video so that you can decide if you wish to try it. 

Source: The Great Indian Foodie/Instagram 

The street vendor begins by slathering the dosa batter onto the tawa. He then adds chopped onions and green chillies to the centre along with oil, some grated cheese, orange chutney, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. He then spreads the entire mixture evenly onto the dosa. Then comes the best part where he throws in loads of kurkure from a packet and tops it with some more grated cheese. Once the dosa is cooked from the bottom, he takes it out on a plate and garnishes it with coriander leaves. This is an open-faced dosa which is served with coconut chutney and sambhar. 

The video shared by @thegreatindianfoodie on his Instagram handle, has attracted the views of over 60k people and is trending. This interesting dosa recipe got us thinking the variety of recipes we can make with kurkure. Here are some of them. 

1.  Kurkure Chaat 

The spicy and tangy kurkure can be turned into a chatpata snack with this chaat recipe. Take a bowl full of kurkure and add some chopped onions and tomatoes to it along with green chillies. Sprinkle some salt and add a dash of lime juice. Toss it all together and you are done. 

2.  Kurkure Popcorn Chaat 

This tangy chaat is loaded with popcorns and kurkure. The crunchy kurkure work well with soft popcorn which are spruced up with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, green chillies and lemon juice. Garnish it with some crunchy sev and your lip-smacking chaat is ready.