Sooji Halwa Breakfast Bowl: A Sweet Treat With A Fruity Twist
Image Credit: Sooji halwa breakfast bowl

When one thinks of celebration in an Indian household, most often, we start with something sweet. It could be laddoos, barfis, kheer, or a thick and delicious halwa. Made with ease and prepared in a jiffy, festivities are incomplete without a bowl of halwa, with atte ka halwa and sooji halwa being the most common varieties. 

While the former is made with wheat flour, the latter is a semolina-based halwa. The dish is prepared by continuously stirring sooji or rava in ghee. The soft and light texture of the halwa makes it a favourite desi dessert. Now that we have already considered it a sweet meat, it would be hard to imagine this delightful treat in the form of breakfast. However, it is possible by adding some fruity delights to the halwa.

It is not unusual to have sooji halwa for breakfast, because it is often paired with poori. But we are talking about a sooji halwa breakfast bowl. Confused? The sooji halwa is slathered on the base of the bowl and turned into a breakfast bowl with loads of fruits and nuts on top. If you’re wondering how to go about it, here’s how you can make this breakfast bowl yourself at home.  


    ½ cup semolina  

    ½ cup cane sugar  

    1 tsp cardamom  


    ½ cup chopped cashews  

    ½ cup chopped almonds  

    Chopped bananas  

    Chopped kiwis  

    De-seeded pomegranate  


    Coconut shavings  


    Begin by making sooji ka halwa for the base of the bowl.  

    For this, take some ghee in a pan and add semolina to it.  

    Roast the sooji in ghee for sometime until you get the appetising aroma.  

    Next, add some cardamom powder and nuts to the mix.  

    Toss it all together and add some water to the pan.  

    Next, add in the cane sugar for sweetness.  

    Let it cook for some time and then turn off the heat.  

    Now, for assembling the bowl, chop kiwis and bananas.  

    You can also add strawberries, apples and all other fruits that you wish to.  

    Take a bowl and spread the sooji halwa in it.  

    Top it with chopped fruits.  

    Add some coconut shavings and figs on top, along with some chopped cashews for garnish.  

    Your sweet breakfast is ready to be devoured.