Sonu Sood Playfully Calls Mohamed Shami As Shami Kebab

Mohamed Shami’s peak form era continued to leave fans around the country awestruck as the cricketer took down seven wickets in the World Cup semi-finals against New Zealand, held at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The excellent performance by Shami tickled Sonu Sood’s funny bone, who has been known to be a regular supporter and cheerleader of the Indian cricket team.

Upon earning the title ‘Man of the Match’ for being the reason why India glides into the finals, Sood expressed his appreciation and joy with a social media update that read ‘Breaking News: Shami kebab banned in New Zealand’; to which the amused cricketer retweeted and responded with laughter and a heart-shaped emoji. For the uninitiated, the announcement was made in jest and had nothing to do with the popular Mughlai delicacy made with ground lamb, chana dal and spices.

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The creative appreciation went viral, much to the amusement of netizens, who applauded the cricketer’s performance and the clever pun. As the Indian team gears up to play against Australia in the World Cup finals on Sunday, at the Narendra Modi stadium, cricket fans wait with bated breath to see if their favourite cricketers can deliver with the same level of zest and confidence. The glamourous and most-watched event of the year will also have Dua Lipa performing before the match that is set to create new history. While we wait at the edge of our seat, a plate of shami kebabs does sound like a great snack to munch and embody the World Cup final spirit! Let us know in the comments about your favourite kebabs and where to eat them in your city.