Pizzas and pastas are great to binge on once in a while, however, no matter how tasty these dishes are, they can never really hold their ground when compared to a heart warming home-cooked meal. From khichdi to rajma chawal, home cooked meals are all the food-therapy we need to come back to, after a long day of work or to mend our hearts when something goes terribly wrong in our lives. While ordering from restaurants gives us a change of taste every once in a while, the satisfaction that we get from devouring a plate of dal chawal made from scratch in the comfort of our kitchen is unmatched. This sentiment is echoed by the celebs of B-town, many of who constantly take to their social media to share photos of their home cooked comfort meals. The latest celebrity to do so has been Sonam Kapoor. 

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The diva who is soon going to be a mother recently indulged in some delicious ghar ka khana. She has shared a video of her lavish and tempting desi spread on her Instagram story and watching the video left us craving for a bite. (Also Read: Sonam Kapoor’s Latest Babymoon Indulgence With Tingle Your Sweet Tooth). In the video, we could see a variety of dishes laid out in front of Sonam served in different utensils. The video starts with what looked like red rice and tempting bhindi ki sabzi prepared with mild spices. There was also a sumptuous green peas curry cooked with a host of spices. There seemed to be a non-vegetarian dish as well with chicken pieces dipped in a flavourful curry. Besides that, there's rice, a wholesome preparation of mushrooms and vegetables kept in a container. There was also some nutritious dal served in a separate bowl and rajma curry - the hearty meal of every true blue Punjabi. Sonam captioned the video, “Ghar ka khana.” 

Credit: Sonam Kapoor's Instagram

Sonam and her husband Anand Ahuja have always been one to extend hospitality by sharing a good meal with others. Maheep Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor recently took a vacation to London and visited the soon-to-be-parents. In an attempt to show love to their guests, Sonam and Anand served them berries, grapes, fruits, cakes, macaroons, and tarts - all laid out beautifully on the table for the food-filled afternoon. The guests were also served some Truffle Mushroom Chicken, roasted vegetables with Caviar, tofu with beans in the mains. The sumptuous meal ended with a chocolate mousse with vanilla sorbet and assorted berries.