Sobhita Dhulipala Indulges In Diwali Special Snacks

That Sobhita Dhulipala’s love for food is unmatched, is well-known! The actress took to her social media to share a sneak-peek of her festive binge treats and shared a picture of what appeared to resemble a syrupy and decadent badusha, followed by a video of medu vadas swimming in a pool of hot oil. These mouth-watering treats seemed homemade, reflecting the Made In Heaven actress’s South Indian roots in her preferences for guilty pleasures.

The actress, who is self-admittedly a fan of Telegu and Tamil dishes, is also quite the fiend for some good pasta. From the looks of it, she surely finds a break from all the usual eating to enjoy South Indian snacks – like she had recently done with some onion samosas and punugulu, shortly before Diwali. She is also someone who keeps an eye out for local food joints and street food while travelling for work. Sobhita has also shared a picture of a full South Indian breakfast spread in the past that featured delicacies like upma, dosa, idli, chutney and sambar – and a cup of black coffee to wash everything down.

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From pani puri to French crepes to Rajasthani kachoris, Sobhita seems to have covered almost everything on a foodie’s bucket list. What also reflects in her personal preferences is the sheer simplicity of the choices she makes when it comes to food. In past interviews, the actress has gushed about her love for ginger tea and biscuits, samosas and crispy dosas that she can also make easily at home – thereby proving that relishing food doesn’t always have to be an extravagant affair.