South Indian Snacks You Can’t Afford To Miss

There is nothing more spicy, crispy, and flavourful than crunchy snacks. And if it is homemade, there is nothing that can beat it. Snack time is something we always look forward to. Be it the mid-day cravings or tea time, snacks are always there. And Indians, are totally obsessed with snacks. 

From North to South, every region offers some amazingly delicious snacks. This article is about some scrumptious South Indian snacks that need your attention. South Indian food consists of diverse dishes from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka and all these regions serve the perfect snacks. They differ in size, shape, texture, and taste. South Indian snacks are known for their spices and unique shapes. I know we have triggered your snack cravings. Now it’s the best time to see some popular snacks from South India that we should not miss!! 

Banana Chips 

This write-up would be incomplete without banana chips. Isn’t it? These addictive chips are banana slices deep-fried or dried and seasoned with spices. Usually made from firmer and starchier bananas, one just cannot stop himself from eating just one bite.  

Jackfruit Chips 

After banana chips, Jackfruit chips need to be on the list because of their amazing taste. These crunchy, crispy, and delicious snacks also known as Chakka Upperi are drool-worthy. One can have these at literally any time of the day and no matter how much you eat, you can never get enough of it.  

Tapioca Chips 

Also known as kappa chips, these chips are a specialty from Kerala and truly a delight. Made from thin wafers of deep-fried cassava root, these snacks are amazing and could be your perfect tea-time delight. Don’t forget to try these! 


This traditional South Indian snack is quite popular in other parts of the country too and is best consumed during festivities. It is a crunchy and savoury snack whose name is derived from a Tamil word that means ‘twisted’, thanks to its shape. Ever tried it? 

Ribbon Pakoda 

Another snack from the family of murukku is ribbon pakoda. This snack resembles somewhat like a ribbon, hence named so. It gives an explosion of flavours in your mouth and tastes really good. Not only it is a perfect tea-time snack, but it could also be perfect for festivities as well.  

These were some popular South Indian snacks that you should definitely not miss. Let us know if you have tried them all!