Valentine's Day: 5 Snacks For Your Health-Conscious Partner
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Let's be genuine. Valentine's Day is about loving relationships and caring for people in your life but wait, isn't it also about nutrition? Valentine's Day feasts are reserved in advance months to assure that flawless romantic meal. Valentine's Day desserts are prepared from morning to evening. And then there are the candy-filled Valentine's Day cards and other sweet traditions to opt for. Do you want to incorporate even more tastiness into your Valentine's Day? Adding some healthy snacks to the mix could be a good idea. After all, thinking about the good health of your Valentine is also going to convey that you genuinely care about their overall wellbeing.

Let’s look at healthier alternatives to the commonly used sweets and candies by Nutritionist, Wellness Coach & Certified Diabetic Educator Avni Kaul (Founder of NutriActivania)

Snicker and strawberry

The nuts-filled snickers and strawberry in the form of kabab rolls are so simple to make that you could have fun with your partner. Perhaps trying a new variant will add to the excitement even more.

Bowls filled with smoothie

Try to have a smoothie bowl, but rather than using the regular sugar or candy, add some fruits and raisins to give a dose of nutrients. Also, you can include a few chocolate chips to make them taste better.

Cake bites made of carrot

Indeed, a snack that contains the word cake in its name is, in reality, jam-packed full of healthy things. Who is going to resist? If you wish to be truly festive, you can even add some food-based dye along with coconut.

Bread bars made of banana along with salted toffee icing

Make full use of those ripe bananas. Bananas are a top choice for health-conscious people. So, a banana bread bar and salted toffee as icing is going to make a deliciously perfect Valentine’s Day for your loved one.

Margherita Pizza

After having all the sweet delicacies, try something salty and crispy and what better than a fresh homemade pizza. Instead of pizza from pizza outlets, make pizza using fresh vegetables and cream at home. This will be fresh and healthy since it has been made using fresh ingredients.

The idea is to have some fun and spend time with your loved one. Thus, having a little twist that can provide some nutritional aspects could be a good idea to celebrate this day.