Snacking Before A Workout? 4 Things You Can Eat
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Energy Bars

As soon as the week begins, a lot of people are determined to hit the gym and start their fitness journey. In order to begin with a healthy routine, one needs to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Food is an important component of this change, where one needs to switch to healthier and filling meals. However, if you’re planning to run on that treadmill on an empty stomach, it is best that you don’t. Without eating anything and replenishing your body with the required nutrients, one wouldn’t have the strength to last an hour-long workout too. That’s why it is necessary to have quick and light snacks before one begins exercising. 

Apart from giving one a boost of energy, a pre-workout snack also helps to build muscles and lose weight. Different kinds of snacks serve different purposes. Depending on the kind of workout you’re doing, you can pick a snack that suits best. If you are planning to start your workout anytime soon, try these pre-workout snacks for an energetic session.  

1.  Hard-Boiled Eggs With Avocado Toast

This is a rich and filling snack that not only satiates your appetite, but also gives you a quick boost of energy. Avocados are mashed and made into a creamy mixture that is slathered on top of a crunchy toast. For protein, hard-boiled eggs are added. Not only are they good for keeping you active through the workout, they also keep you full for longer. Filled with so many nutrients, the toast can be topped with some jalapenos for a tangy touch.  

2.  Dried Fruit Energy Bars

Pack yourself a quick, on-the-go snack which is perfect when you are running late for the gym. Easily made at home and full of nutrition, these energy bars are made with quinoa, chia seeds and oats. The chunky bites are prepared using a mixture of the three which are then bound together with unsweetened coconut flakes and almond butter. The sweetness comes from Mejdool dates.

3.  Orange Smoothie

The citrus-loaded fruit is whipped up into a delicious smoothie and there cannot be a better workout drink than this. Made with natural pulp of oranges, the freshness and coolness of the smoothie adds to your workout energy. Instead of sugar-rich juices with preservatives, the orange smoothie is a low-calorie alternative that you can try. Frozen bananas along with almond milk and churned together to give a creamy smoothie.

4.  Pear Cottage Cheese Parfait

Although parfait is a French dessert, it is often eaten for quick breakfast and pre-workout snacks. Replacing the heavy cream with yoghurt and sugar-intense granola honey with oats is what makes this pre-workout snack so healthy. The fresh pears are topped on yoghurt and cottage cheese is layered on it. The parfait is finished off with some chopped walnuts and is frozen for some time so that you can eat a chilled snack.