Smoothies To Trail Mix: 7 Best Ways To Eat Oats Uncooked
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Oats are a pantry staple for many reasons, including their affordability as a gluten-free whole grain and being a delectable breakfast choice. A warm bowl of oats is a dependable way to get your day started and gives you the energy you need to go through your morning tasks.

But these high-fibre, high-protein flakes are still delicious long after breakfast. Oats can be the main component of many dishes or subtly added for extra nutrition and delicious filling effects.

Although oats are traditionally used to make oatmeal, they can be eaten and enjoyed even uncooked. There are several ways to eat oats uncooked, making them a quick and filling snack or meal, depending on how you prepare it. Keep reading to learn more about how you can have this superfood uncooked.


It makes sense to include oats in your morning smoothie. You'll enjoy the nutty flavour and texture it adds, and it's a simple way to increase the fibre content of your smoothies and make them more enjoyable.

For even more of that, add nut butter; you'll also be consuming more protein. You can make various smoothie combinations with ingredients like fruits, yoghurt, nuts, seeds, veggies, oats, and more according to your preference.

Oat Milk

Go above and beyond by blending up some creamy homemade oat milk, because we know you have plenty of oats on hand. Oats don't need to be pre-soaked for hours in order to mix, unlike nut milks. Just use a high-speed blender to combine the oats and water, then sieve.

Yoghurt Bowls

As you are aware, creamy yoghurt goes really well with oats. Yoghurt and oats together make a tasty breakfast that will increase your meal's protein content and keep you satiated for longer. You'll like topping your yoghurt and oatmeal bowls with some frozen or fresh berries. They complement each other so well.

Oats And Apple Sandwich

Searching for a kid- and adult-friendly, nutritious snack? Apple sandwiches with raisins, oats, and honeyed peanut butter are very simple to assemble and much more so to modify to accommodate dietary restrictions or personal tastes. The combination of oats and apples will become your favourite.

Energy Balls

Raw oats serve as a nutritious base for homemade energy balls or bars, offering a convenient and portable snack option. By combining raw oats with ingredients like nut butter, honey, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, you can create a mixture that is then rolled into bite-sized balls or pressed into bars.

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats have become a beloved breakfast choice for their convenience and versatility. This method involves combining raw oats with a liquid like milk, yoghurt, or fruit juice in a container, along with desired toppings such as fruits, nuts, or sweeteners. By refrigerating the mixture overnight, the oats absorb the liquid, softening them and creating a creamy texture akin to pudding.

Trail Mix

Make your own trail mix by combining raw oats with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and some sweetness, such as chocolate chips or coconut flakes. It's a practical snack choice for energy on the go.