5 Gluten-Free Rice Paper Snacks To Make At Home
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Instagram is flooded with thousands of reels, where people were making some or the other things with the rice papers. Rice papers have eventually found their way into Indian households and people are trying all sorts of recipes with this fascinating ingredient. Rice paper is already a very important part of the Vietnamese community. 

People in Vietnam have been eating dishes made from rice paper for ages. It is a very healthy choice as compared to other alternatives that people use for coating food and frying it. Rice paper is simply made from some rice flour, salt and water. It is quite nutritional and light for the stomach. If somebody is looking for gluten-free alternatives for delicious snacking then look no further. 

Here are some tempting snacks that can be made at home with rice paper.

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* Rice Paper Spinach Rolls

This is a very healthy way of eating spring rolls. These spring rolls are not just healthy but also very delicious. One can easily make them at home by using some simple ingredients like spinach, sauces and Paneer blocks. To make the spring rolls, in a pan one must take some crushed Paneer along with oil and spices. For spices, one may go for basic spices like cumin powder, red chilli powder, turmeric, coriander powder, garam masala, and some salt. The Paneer has to be cooked similarly one cooks it to make Paneer Bhurji. 

Now, once the Paneer is cooked properly, it must be left to cool down for some time. Simultaneously put the rice paper in some warm water and dip it for at least 30 seconds. Now take the rice paper out of the water and let it rest on the counter to remove the excess water. Wash some spinach leaves and chop them finely to put them on the top of the rice paper. Sprinkle some red chilli and salt over these leaves. Now put a layer of cooked Paneer and place it uniformly. Wrap the rice paper properly and settle it with the help of a toothpick. One may pan fry or air fry the spring roll and enjoy it with sauces of choice.

* Rice Paper Samosa

Rice paper Samosa is also a beautiful fusion of Indian flavours but with a healthier touch. Samosas are made from some spicy mashed potatoes and have an outer covering of maida. Maida is a very unhealthy flour and one must go for a healthier substitute. Using rice paper as the outer coat is a good way to go about it. To make the rice paper Samosa, one has to prepare a filling exactly the way it is done for preparing a regular Samosa. Instead of using mashed potatoes, a good source of protein like Paneer or chicken, can also be used if wanted. Then this mixture must be spiced with some coriander powder, turmeric powder, Garam masala, dry mango powder, and some red chilli. The rice paper must be soaked in warm water and then spread over the counter. Now it must be filled with some boiled potato filling and then folded in the shape of a triangle. These triangular rice paper samosas can be air-fried instead of deep-fried.

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* Rice Paper Bhel

This is a very light and healthy snack that can be consumed when one feels like eating something delicious but wants to avoid unhealthy food. To make this bhel, rice paper must be crushed into small pieces. Then in that bowl, add some spices, chopped vegetables and puffed rice. Also, add some peanuts as well as tamarind chutney to give it a flavourful taste. Put a dash of coriander leaves on the top and sprinkle some extra Aloo Bhujia to make it extra crunchy. One may also add some fresh green chillies. The rice bhel is ready in almost no time.

* Rice Paper Pakoras

Who doesn't love eating crunchy pakoras? But eating pakoras regularly is not a very healthy choice. A good way to eat pakoras and not feel guilty is by covering them with rice paper instead of unhealthy flour. To make this Pakora, one needs to take some rice paper and soak them in warm water for at least 10 minutes. Now in a pan, prepare a mixture of some gram, flour, cheese and chopped vegetables of choice. To add some flavour, mix these ingredients with some spices. Cook all the ingredients thoroughly and now place them gently on the soaked rice paper. Now roll this into the shape of a small Pakora and seal it with the help of water. Put them in the air fryer and let them fry until they become extremely crunchy.

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* Chicken Curry Roll

This is the best way to use the leftover chicken curry at home and make a delicious snack out of it. To make this simple snack, one has to take some rice paper and soak it in warm water for 10 minutes. Now take out the rice paper and spread it over the countertop to remove the excess water. Simultaneously take the chicken curry and separate bones out of it. After the rice paper has dried a bit, add some gravy as well as chicken pieces in the rice paper and also add some mayonnaise and green Chutney for the extra kick. Wrap it rightly so that all the ingredients remain in their place. Roast these rolls on the pan with some oil and enjoy them.

These are some scrumptious rice paper snacks that can be made easily at home. All of these are healthy and almost free from gluten.