4 Delicious Ways Of Having Rice Paper
Image Credit: Veggie dumpling/ unsplash.com

There are several different types of "rice paper," including rice paper manufactured from tree bark to make drawing and writing paper and rice paper made from rice flour and tapioca flour that has been thinly layered with salt, water, and other ingredients before being dried to become tougher and paper-like. When eating, several foods are wrapped in them. Only in Vietnam are rice noodles and pho noodles used in the production of edible rice paper. Rice paper is a product manufactured from plant-based components that resemble paper.

Rice dumplings

These rice paper dumplings are fortunately far easier to make than most dumplings, which can be labour-intensive. Prepare a veggie-heavy, umami stir fry, then fill the rice papers with the filling. How simple was that? Asian rice paper dumplings frequently contain the standard filling of cabbage, carrots, and mushrooms. Tofu is the ideal vegetarian-friendly protein for the position. Given their size, you should double-wrap these dumplings. Then, quickly sear them to get a deliciously crispy coating.

Rice dumpling/ unsplash.com

A typical ingredient in fresh summer rolls, a traditional Vietnamese cuisine, is either pork or shrimp. But the shrimp are the main focus of these! You'll be preparing these restaurant-calibre Vietnamese rolls at home frequently because they're so simple to prepare. I am sure I do! As previously said, double the rice papers and submerge them in warm water. You may fill them with vermicelli rice noodles, mint, bean sprouts, and shrimp after they're malleable. If you wish, you can also use prawns in place of shrimp.

Banana spring rolls

I knew I had to share this fruity treat with you as soon as I discovered it. Rice papers with banana filling are coated in sugar and spices for apple pie before being doused in caramel sauce. Yum! Each sugary treat receives a brief pan-fry to provide the rice paper with a crispy texture that pairs well with the warm, delicate banana filling. You are aware of what else is required, don't you? An ice cream scoop of vanilla! I'm sure you'll enjoy this dessert even if you're not a huge fan of banana sweets.

Fried rice paper chips

You know, rice papers aren't just for wrapping! They can also be made into crunchy chips for snacking. They are also healthy because you can cook them without oil and they still have the same amount of crunch. All you need to do is season them and heat them up in the microwave, that's right, in the microwave! Fry them inside if you don't own a microwave. Make sure to use an oil with a high smoke point if you choose this course of action.