The other I was offered a mixed fruit smoothie by my aunt as she asked, "Tavishi, how is this smoothie? I just learned how to make it from Youtube." I was taken aback as my aunt got confused between juice and a smoothie. Taking a pause, I hesitantly said, "Aunty, this is not a smoothie, it's a juice." Like her, not many people realize that juice and smoothie are made differently. Therefore, today, this article shares two primary differences between juice and smoothie. 

What is the distinction between smoothie and juice?

Just a couple of years ago, green smoothies started appearing everywhere. But wait, aren’t juices and smoothies the same? No, there is a critical distinction between both, and do you know it has a powerful effect on your digestion? Both are healthy; only the method of making them differs.

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables are put in a juicer to make fresh juice. 
  2. Smoothies are made by mixing fresh fruits and vegetables with nuts and dairy products by simply putting them in a blender or mixer. 

If your question is, which of the two is more healthy and beneficial? So there can be no answer to this because both are healthy.

Are there any benefits of drinking juice?

  1. Juice is made from vegetables as well as fruits. It assists in enhancing the body's immunity. 
  2. Juice includes a lot of minerals and vitamins which detox the body. 
  3. Those who dislike vegetables can also consume it in herb juice.
  4. The juice is easily digested, due to which it is also suitable for people who have digestion issues.
  5. People allergic to milk or curd, i.e. lactose intolerant, can make juices and have instead of dairy products. Juices also help in weight loss, and drinking them also keeps the stomach full for a long time.