Slurrp Reviews: Have You Tried Delhi’s Viral Popcorn Momos?

Delhi's obsession with momos reflects the city's passion for street cuisine. Momo vendors are often found in every neighbourhood, offering a wide range of tastes and styles, from busy marketplaces to peaceful corners. These dumplings have become a Delhi staple, served steamed or fried and stuffed with everything from creative combinations like cheese and chocolate to meats and veggies. Momos are popular among the city's varied population due to their low cost, ease of preparation, and customisation, which includes the stuffing. Cooking methods like steaming, frying or using a tandoor to prepare momos.  Delhi's street food culture is well-established and attracts everyone.

A tiny food cart in Delhi's GK N Block has emerged as the hub of a brand-new culinary trend. The cart called the Catlee Momos has won over the hearts and palates of people everywhere with its popular bite-sized popcorn momos. The term “pop-corn” momos is viral on social media due to the size of momos. From steamed to fried, from traditional fillings to innovative ones, momos in Delhi come in all shapes and sizes. The introduction of popcorn momos adds another layer of diversity to this already rich street food culture.

 The Momo Craze in Delhi

Catlee Momos in GK N Block stands out among Delhi's lively and vibrant food scene with its bite-sized steamed popcorn momos. The combination of juicy fillings, spicy chutney, and fresh coriander makes these a must-have. Their viral popularity shows the power of social media and the city's ever-present likeness for momos.

If you are visiting the GK N Block, make sure to stop by the small cart at the corner of the tree. Indulge in the unique and delicious steamed popcorn momos. Whether you are a local or a visitor, the momo craze in Delhi is an experience you won’t want to miss.


The Magic Of Popcorn Momos

Popcorn momos have become a hot topic on social media, mainly due to their unique size. These momos are so small that they are aptly named 'Popcorn Momos'. Despite their size, they are steamed to perfection and filled with juicy and delicious stuffing that keeps customers coming back for more.

Catlee Momos offers three main varieties: chicken, vegetable, and paneer. The vegetable momos have a thin outer layer that perfectly complements the juicy filling. At just 30 rupees for ten pieces, they are not only tasty but also affordable. The paneer and chicken momos are equally tasty, priced at 50 rupees for ten pieces. Each momo is topped with fresh coriander leaves, adding a burst of freshness to every bite.

The Flavour Explosion

 Catlee Momos are unique not only in size but also in flavour. Each momo is served with a spicy chutney consisting of tomatoes and garlic, which has a spicy flavour that is complemented by creamy mayonnaise. This crispy mixture enhances the flavour, making each bite tasty.

 A Viral Sensation

The hype around Popcorn Momos is largely driven by their unique size and the visual appeal of a plate full of tiny momos. On social media, the posts, videos, and influencer endorsements highlight the novelty and flavour of these mini momos. Till 9:30 pm, you can see people strolling and eating these tiny momos. There is waiting too; people patiently wait for their turn to have these juicy momos.

After enjoying your popcorn momos, you can take a stroll to Prince Chaat for some mouth-watering dahi bhallas and gol gappas in GK M block. These yummy Indian snacks are a must-try and will provide a contrasting flavour experience to the spicy momos.

For those with a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on the softy ice creams available on the market. The creamy and cold dessert is the perfect way to cool down after indulging in spicy street food.

Shop: Catlee Momos

Timings: 4–9:30 pm

Location: GK N Block Market, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi, 110048

Price For Two: 100/-