Slurrp Reviews: Delhi’s Viral Cheese Baked Pav Bhaji

Monsoon is here, and the craving for street food is irresistible. Pav bhaji is one of the most satisfying dishes one can have on a rainy day. But traditional, oily pav bhaji now has a new twist that Delhi foodies are falling in love with, thanks to its baked cheese avatar. "Weds & More" is a unique cafe, bakery, and all-occasion gifting shop that stands out for its fusion delicacies. Specialising in oil-free snacks and sugar-free sweets, it offers a delightful and guilt-free culinary experience. They have introduced their tasty baked cheese pav bhaji, giving pav bhaji a classic twist.

In the vibrant neighbourhood of South Extension, Delhi, a culinary gem has emerged, redefining how we think about indulgent snacks. Weds & More, a unique cafe known for its fusion delicacies, has introduced a game-changing dish that has quickly captured many's hearts and taste buds: the Cheese Baked Pav Bhaji. This viral sensation to Weds & More’s innovative spirit is also a delicious example of how traditional comfort food can be reimagined in a healthier, guilt-free way. Delve into the very famous baked pav bhaji,

Crafting The Perfect Pav Buns

Weds & More’s Cheese Baked Pav Bhaji is a culinary delight that has gained viral fame for its taste and health-conscious preparation. The process begins with the freshly baked pav buns, which are soft, airy, and of premium quality. A hallmark of good quality buns is their light, fluffy texture and slightly chewy crust, which our buns exemplify perfectly.

Exotic Bhaji Masala: A Flavour Explosion

The bhaji, a rich blend of vegetables, is prepared with an exotic masala cooked in high-quality butter, enhancing the flavours to a new level. The spices and butter create a nice bhaji that goes well with the pav.

To create this masterpiece, the chef carves out the centre of the buns and fills them with layers of cheese slices, shredded mozzarella cheese, and the delicious bhaji masala. Some more mozzarella cheese shreds are added on top before the buns are air-baked. This method ensures the dish is cooked without a single drop of oil, making it oil-free.

Customers who have tried this dish can't stop raving about it. One enthusiastic patron shared, "The Cheese Baked Pav Bhaji is a game-changer! It’s incredible how they’ve managed to keep it so delicious without using oil. It’s worth the hype."

A Closer Look At Weds & More

Weds & More is more than just a cafe; it's a haven for those who seek a blend of tastes and provides oil-free and sugar-free snacks. The snacks are mainly air-fried to perfection. Located near South Extension Metro Station, the cafe's chic and modern interior is cosy and vibrant, perfect for casual hangouts and special occasions. The cafe’s commitment to offering oil-free snacks and sugar-free sweets sets it apart, making it a top choice for health-conscious food enthusiasts.

Beyond the Cheese Baked Pav Bhaji, Weds & More boasts a diverse menu that includes everything from innovative burgers to delightful speciality drinks. The café also shines in its bakery department, which is known for crafting custom cakes with remarkable speed and precision.

Signature Dishes:

The Cheese Baked Pav Bhaji and the innovative Beetroot Burger. These dishes are delicious and prepared using an air-fryer, keeping them oil-free.


The menu at Weds & More offers a wide range of options, including breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner items. From pizzas and kinds of pasta to burgers and soft drinks, there's something for everyone.

 Speciality Drinks:

The café serves a variety of teas and coffees, along with speciality drinks like mojito, mint mojito, and blueberry mojito.

 Dietary Options:

Weds & More caters to health-conscious customers with vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free options, ensuring a tasty and healthy choice for all. They ace in making homemade chocolates that are perfect for gifting on World Chocolate Day, with unique packing ideas to customised sweets, this cafe is an all-rounder.

 Bakery’s USP

 Weds & More is known for its speed and precision. They specialise in custom cakes, promising to bake and prepare any design within 45 minutes. Simple cake designs or elaborate creations, Weds & More, delivers perfection swiftly. The cafe welcomes pets, making it a great spot for pet owners to relax and enjoy meals with their furry friends. The cafe sells branded merchandise like chocolates, gourmet nuts, and more, perfect for gifting or enjoying at home.

Himanshu Arora, the visionary behind Weds & More, encapsulates the ethos of the café with his words: "Our goal is to offer delicious and healthy options for our customers. We believe that great food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and we strive to create dishes that everyone can enjoy without any guilt."

Weds & More has successfully created a buzz with its Cheese Baked Pav Bhaji, proving that healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland. If you are in Delhi, do visit this place, and try the Baked Cheese Pav Bhaji. 

Address: Weds & More, G8, near South Extension Metro Gate no. 2, South Extension I, Block G, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

Price for Two: Approximately ₹400.

 Timing:10 AM to 10 PM.