Slow-Cooker Chicken Curries: 5 Flavourful Gravies You Can't Miss
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From time immemorial, slow-cooking has been integral to Indian households. History shows evidence of slow-cooked meats and biryanis prepared in the royal courts of the Mughals. These legendary recipes - that involved love, effort, and an assortment of spices - used to lend the dish a distinct flavour like no other. But with fast-paced lives of today, the slow-cooking process has been replaced by pressure cooking.

However, the charm and essence of a slow-cooked meal remain unmatched. A hearty chicken curry gets ready for dinner in a slow-cooker while you are busy working and allows you to enjoy a hassle-free meal at the end of a long day. The functioning of a slow-cooker is exactly the opposite of a pressure cooker that uses high heat and allows fast cooking.

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Given the low temperatures used for cooking in a slow-cooker, the delicate meat is tenderised in the best possible way and infused with all the right flavours. Here are a few slow-cooker chicken curry recipes that you can try at home.

1.  Slow-Cooker Coconut Chicken Curry

A creamy and mildly sweet chicken curry,    this one is made with just a handful of ingredients. The addition of coconut milk lends a thick and creamy base to gravy, which is infused with spices like garlic powder, curry powder, and more. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy with a bowl of steamed rice.  

2.   Slow-Cooker Chicken Korma

Korma, for the unversed, is a popular Mughlai curry that is all things nutty and creamy. The mildly-sweet flavours of chicken korma are all thanks to the addition of yoghurt and nuts. The rich curry fares well with rice as well as naan. Dunk in the succulent pieces of chicken and prepare this smooth and delicious curry at home in a slow-cooker.  

3.   Slow-Cooker Butter Chicken

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The OG North Indian chicken curry that is a favourite of many, butter chicken has a rich history and flavour too. The cream-based curry is filled with loads of butter, a few spices and boneless pieces of chicken. The thick gravy is often eaten with naan or rice and fares well as a hearty lunch or dinner meal. Garnish with a drizzle of cream and some coriander leaves.

4.   Slow-Cooker Chicken And Chickpea Curry

How about adding some veggies to your chicken curry? This one has loads of chicken and loads of chickpeas in it. Boiled chickpeas, mixed with a masaledar onion and tomato gravy and filled with pieces of chicken is the perfect protein-rich meal one can have. It is not only full of proteins but has a delicious taste too. It is quite filling and can be paired with rice or roti.

5.   Slow-Cooker Green Chicken Curry

Give your regular chicken curry a greenish spin with this recipe. Add some green curry paste, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass paste as well as bok choy to the chicken curry which lends it a beautiful colour and an earthy taste. Cooked in coconut milk and brown onions, this is an aromatic chicken curry that is thick, creamy and delicious.