Skin Benefits of Garlic: Anti-Aging, Glow And More

Its smell might not be pleasant, but this common kitchen ingredient is loaded with medicinal properties. You know what we are talking about. It is garlic! An essential herb used in almost every other cuisine across the globe, garlic is known for its vibrant flavour and aroma. But did you know that this simple herb is power packed with health benefits too? Garlic is a powerhouse of zinc, calcium, allicin, sulfur and so many essential nutrients. It contains antifungal as well as antibiotic properties too. 

Now this may come as a shock to you that garlic is considered extremely beneficial for the skin. Right from reducing anti-aging signs to providing a smooth and glowing skin, garlic can do it all. It can help you get flawless and radiant skin that too naturally. Wanna know how garlic benefits the skin? Here are the 5 ways. 

Prevent Skin Aging 

Premature aging is something that a lot of women face these days. This happens due to the direct exposure to pollution, UV rays and an unhealthy lifestyle. But garlic can prevent this. Garlic contains sulfur which helps in the production of collagen. Thus, it helps in minimizing wrinkles and prevent early signs of aging.  

Helps In Getting Rid Of Blackheads 

Blackheads on skin happen because of the excessive oil mixed with the dirt that tends to settle in the pores. However, garlic can control the accumulation of oil and thus, can prevent blackheads. Besides, garlic also contains polyphenols which keeps a check on the secretion skin’s oil and reduces the appearance of blackheads. 

Prevents Acne 

Garlic contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties and thus, it becomes an essential remedy for acne as well as pimples. Consumption and application of garlic can kill the bacteria that have settled down in the pores and can reduce inflammation. You didn’t know this, did you? 

Removes Stretch Marks 

If you are stretch marks and tried every possible way to get rid of it but got nothing but disappointment, you need to try garlic. Garlic has such properties that can help you get a glowing and Strech mark free skin. Incorporating garlic in the everyday diet can increase skin’s elasticity and can help you get rid of those Strech marks. 

Provides Smooth And Glowing Skin 

Garlic has such properties which can provide healthy, glowing and radiant skin. Not only can it remove bacteria from the skin, but it can also help in cleansing it. Garlic’s sulfur and allicin content helps in providing smooth skin and beautiful skin. 

Did you know about these benefits?