Monsoon Skin Health: 3 Diet Tips To Follow For Healthy Skin
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

All hail the rain Gods, as monsoon is finally upon us. After a scorching summer season, we finally have some respite as rain is here to bless us with pleasant weather. However, as much as we are enjoying the nippy weather and heavy downpour, there are some concerns that need our attention. We agree, rainy season is a blessing after summers, but it also brings along a storm of skin problems, that may stay longer than the season itself. In fact, monsoons are not particularly kind to our skin. Thanks to excess humidity, many of us often face problems like acne, breakouts and more, which takes away the glow from our skin. As per several experts, the humidity during the monsoon season makes the skin look sweaty and oily. This further blocks the pores leading to breakouts. In the post-Covid era, with masks on for long durations, the problem has worsened for acne prone skin. The wet and damp weather conditions during the rainy season also leads to the growth of various infections. 

If you are someone who faces such issues every year, and are tired of changing creams and skincare regime, let us spill the beans. No amount of skincare cosmetics would work if your diet isn’t balanced, and as per the season. Your diet plays a crucial role in how your skin looks and feels. Haven’t we all heart dietitians and nutritionists say ‘you look what you eat’? Fret not, we’ve got you covered with some diet tips that will definitely come handy this monsoon season, and will help you retain your healthy, natural glow. 

Monsoon Diet Tips For Healthy Skin: 

1. Stay Hydrated 

Experts have time and again stated how the key to healthy, glowing skin is hydration. A minimum of seven glasses of water is a must every day to help our skin look plump and radiant. We sweat a lot during the monsoons, which leads to a severe loss of water and electrolytes from our body, leading to dehydration. This can make our skin look pale, dull and dry. Thus, liquid in any form- be it fresh fruit juices, lemon water, shakes or just simple water is a must in our daily routine.  

2. Eat Seasonal

It is a known fact that this season comes with a barrage of fresh fruits and vegetables, that are loaded with health benefits, especially for the skin. Fruits like jamun, peach, cherries etc., are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. These not only help flush out toxins and bring out the natural glow, but also boost our immunity.   

3. Avoid Fried Foods

Okay, this might be tad bit difficult, but an important step to good skin health. We know how we all crave for those crispy fried snacks as soon as the rain starts to pour in. Pakora, bhajia, samosa and more are our weaknesses. And we aren’t saying to stop it completely, but try and avoid too much. These fried, oily foods everyday might lead to pimples and acne, making our skin look shaggy. Experts also suggest avoiding excessive consumption of caffeine too.