Use These 3 Simple Tricks To Make Stuffed Parathas At Home
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Stuffed paratha is my all-time favourite comfort food that can be made using a variety of fillings and can also be paired with nearly every type of sabzi. However, it's an endless list for the filling, including gobi, aloo, pyaaz or mooli. Many find preparing stuffed parathas easy, but it’s quite the task. The effort that goes into creating this delight is underrated. Have you repeatedly failed at preparing an ideal stuffed paratha? If so, we’re here to assist you with three tips that come in handy to make excellent stuffed parathas.

Tight Dough For Paratha

The dough should be perfect for an excellent stuffed paratha, i.e. a little tight. However, if filling breaks the paratha, it doesn't mean that you reduce it as this will spoil its taste. So, keep the dough's side and centre part a little thick while spreading it for stuffing. By doing this, the filling will not spill out. While filling, keep in mind that the masala should be filled by pressing lightly.

Flour For The Paratha Dough

After stuffing, when the dough is ready, use flour on both sides before rolling as this will not burst the paratha. However, keep the inner stuffing tight if you are making aloo paratha. Some people use oil, due to which the filling becomes wet, causing it to spill. Also, mix salt in the flour and not in the filling because salt releases water making the stuffing wet.

Use Rolling Pin At The End

Many people put an excessive filling in the paratha, after which it spills out after rolling. If you like more stuffing inside the paratha, you can spread it by pressing it with your hands. After laying it all around with your hands, apply little flour and roll it with a rolling pin. By doing this, the paratha will be in perfect shape and will not spill. Remember that the rolling pin should not be pressed too hard. Instead, it would be best to roll with light hands using flour on both sides.

P.S. You can use this trick in all types of stuffed parathas.