Sidharth Malhotra-Raashii Khanna Enjoy Dhaba-Style Lunch
Image Credit: Sidharth Malhotra/Instagram

Film promotions are a great excuse for Bollywood stars to sample local delicacies while travelling from one city to another. True to this, Sidharth Malhotra and Raashii Khanna decided to take a lunchbreak while promoting their new film, and relish a dhaba-style meal in Chandigarh at the iconic Pal Dhaba. The vegetarian meal of classic delights like dhabewaali paneer, pindi chane, lachcha paratha, green chutney, dhabewaali dal, rice and salad were laid out on the table, as the two actors posed with a glass of frothy chaas.

To conclude the meal, Sid and Raashii also made sure to get a tall glass of lassi, with which they took pictures while being all smiles for the camera. Colour co-orinated in blue outfits, Sidharth shared a picture on his social media, with the caption that said, “Chandigarh ke lassi se ishq hua.” Following this sumptuous meal, the actors headed to Chandigarh University, where they were greeted with a roaring crowd of students. Although known to have very disciplined eating patterns, Sid and Raashii couldn’t resist indulging in the delicious food that Chandigarh is famous for!

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Do You Know How Dhabas Came Into Existence?

Within the canvas of local cuisines, dhaba-style meals are particularly relished for their generous use of spice and oil, fresh ingredients and slow-cooking methods that gave simple dishes a depth of flavour. These rustic, unpretentious meals highlight the essence of the local culture – using seasonal vegetables, lentils and dairy, to pair with rice or tandoori rotis. An eclectic combination of old-school cooking methods and time-tested recipes, dhaba cuisine has been an inexpensive dining option for long-distance road travellers across the breadth of the country.