When Imtiaz Ali Stopped By A Dhaba; Know How Dhabas Came Into Existence
Image Credit: Ayandrali Dutta

Highway travel and dhaba food is synonymous to each other. The charm of having a cup of hot tea and paratha is beyond words. Agreeing with the same even Bollywood director recently posted on his Instagram saying “why do shops that look like this serve the best food?? :) divine Amritsar! always a blessing to visit”. And this is not the first time that he has visited a dhaba, earlier to at different occasion and to this people had commented saying “Omggg ! I miss those stuffed kulchas ..

please bring some back 😍.. Along with some blessings too “

“Guess there is some method to this madness”

“Because they pay more attention to food than just the décor”

“Best Amritsari Kulcha you can get..!”

“Because they concentrate on quality of food, not on advertisement and show off, as they know only maintaining the quality of food will attract customer, nothing else for them. Also people from older generation were not so much into this "show off" business! 😅”

“Coz all their attention, effort and motive is guided towards just that, FOOD.”

It’s interesting to see how most were seen commenting on the quality and how Dhaba’s focus more on quality than on doing with décor etc. 

But do you know how even these Dhaba’s originated? These gastronomical hotspot that are known to serve some of the freshest food be it veg or non veg, Dhabas are an inseparable part of road journey’s. Be it the very famous Sher-e-Punjab or even any Viasho dhaba, eating in these highway side joints are always memorable. Tracing back the roots of dhaba is a bit nebulous, but it’s seen that along the stretch of highway that connects Kabul in Afghanistan  through other Indian cities of Amritsar, Delhi and Kolkata and more, while some even say that dhaba’s were first spotted around Grand Trunk Road and other highways mostly to feed the truckers who used to drive all night. The menu is always fresh and made to order.  A lot of these dhabas that we see in our country is almost as old as our Independence or even more. 

This truckers food that pitstop that mostly sees some crisp parathas (flatbreads),] served with butter,  green chilies, a hot pipping bowl of dal, some aloo jeera, or even could be a humble plain vegetrerain thali. One spot of attraction in these dhabas are the hot tandoor’s or the or earthenware oven and some casual seating style on rope strung cots or charpai. 

It’s mostly in Punjab that the dhaba culture saw a rise and today has become an important part of our culinary heritage. These highway eateries, that is far from fancy is loved by one and all. Meals at an affordable price makes one of the top USP of these dhabas. These eateries that boast of simplicity and freshness are a must visit in your highway trip.