Shukto To Aloo Jeera: 6 Simple Vegetarian Dishes For Dinner

There is no dearth of vegetarian dishes in the Indian cuisine. Known for its vibrant flavour, aroma, cooking method, versatility and richness, Indian cuisine is loved all across the globe. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Indian cuisine is no less than god’s gift to the vegetarians. From a basic aloo jeera to royal malai kofta, some vegetarian dishes are irresistibly delicious and heavenly. If you are a vegetarian and want to have something easy, quick and light, we have something for you! 

You can’t disagree that Indian dishes are soothing and comforting. And today, let us take you through six Indian dishes that are too simple, easy to make and absolutely delicious. These dishes can get ready in just a few minutes and can actually show you a really good time. Wanna know what these dishes are? Here you go! 

Aloo Jeera 

As we mentioned, aloo jeera is the simplest and most comforting potato dish you can ever have. Made with potatoes, vibrant flavour of cumin also called jeera, and spices, this simple dish qualifies to be a main course as well as side dish. For a simple and soothing dinner, have it with fresh chapatis or pair it along with rice and some desi dal tadka. 


A must have in the vegetarian Bengali plate, shukto is a bittersweet medley of vegetables. This humble Bengali vegetarian dish has bitter guard, eggplant, green banana, potato, sweet potato, drumsticks, white radish, and tampering with randhuni. Often served with rice, this simple vegetarian dish is a must have. 

Vangi Batata Rassa 

Vangi Batata Rassa is a vegetarian gem from the rich Maharashtrian cuisine. It simply translates to ‘baingan ki sabji’ in Hindi and eggplant potato curry in English. This super easy and simple eggplant curry has the goodness of flavorful spices, herbs and is perfect for the days when you want to have something soothing and comforting. 

Aloo Gobhi 

Aloo Gobhi needs no introduction. Packed with the goodness of potatoes and cauliflower, this simple dish has the goodness of some magical spices and herbs. It goes well with fresh chapatis and also complements the flavour of simple dal chawal. It is easy to make and makes for a delicious and healthy meal. 

Dal Dhokli 

This traditional dish is a common sight in Gujarati and Rajasthani households. But if you think it is hard to make, you are wrong. All you need is some leftover chapatis. Just slice your leftover rotis and add it to the dal. Believe me, this dish gets ready in no time and is too scrumptious and comforting.  


When we are talking about simple vegetarian dishes, we just cannot miss talking about khichdi. This comforting one-pot meal is ruling the hearts of Indians for a long time. Made with rice, lentils and spices, this dish can take away all your worries and provide you with soothing food which you actually deserve. 

Which among these is your favourite? Do let us know!