Shilpa Shetty Honours Her Ancestors With A Wholesome Meal
Image Credit: Shilpa Shetty/Instagram, A light and wholesome meal was served by the actor.

Popular as a fitness and fashion icon, did you know Shilpa Shetty is also deeply connected to her roots? The Bollywood actor may spend time outside socialising, but she’s also a mother and seems to manage her home quite well. And given her religious inclinations, she also observed the day of Sarva Pitru Amavasya recently.

According to the Hindu calendar, this day commemorates our ancestors and their lineage and certain religious rituals and customs are performed for the same. On any special occasion, food is of utmost importance and that’s why we see a humble feast prepared by Shilpa. She posted a reel of the entire setup, along with a detailed caption, highlighting the significance and essence of this day.

In the video, one can see food kept on a banana leaf. There were small portions of sabzis, along with rice, some salad, curd, pickle, and lots of sweets. Desi mithais like jalebis, gulab jamun, and barfis also found a place on the plate. This wholesome and filling meal is offered to the ancestors on this day, in order to honour them and get their blessings.

Usually, Navratri - the nine-day festival - begins after the shradh, and now Shilpa is all set to welcome the fun-filled week. She began the first day with a soulful aarti. There too, we could spot a specially-prepared thali on the table. It had lentils, two curries, and a bowl of curd. This was accompanied by ghee-laden rotis and a sweet on the side.

The fasting period involves several food restrictions like abstaining from eating non-veg, avoiding flours like whole wheat and substituting it with kuttu, amaranth, and sabudana. Special vrat-friendly foods are prepared and emphasis is given on fresh fruits and dairy products. While many people view this as a detox time, Shilpa is a healthy foodie, who eats clean on most days, with Sunday being her binge day.