Shilpa Shetty Is Missing This Healthy Indulgence; Can You Guess?
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @theshilpashetty

Think of a vibrant-looking, refreshing salad with tantalising flavours. With the summer season in full blaze upon us, the thought of this salad is the one to hold on to. Not only will it make your meal healthy and give your body the much-needed punch of nutrition, it would also freshen up your soul. And it seems like Shilpa Shetty agrees on this too. The actress who is currently travelling for shoot, often share her bits on fitness and food on social media with her fans and followers. Shilpa is in fact, a fitness enthusiast who has carved a niche for herself in the world of health. She also has a YouTube cooking channel. More than that, Shilpa is known for her quirky food posts and often shares her food shenanigans, cravings and more on social media.  

In her latest Instagram story, Shilpa shared a photo of a pomelo salad and said that she was missing it. In the snap, the healthy treat was garnished with greens and a lot of other vibrant-looking ingredients. This specific salad, made using the fruit pomelo, comes with sweet, sour, and spicy flavours. Having this salad would mean enjoying the juicy fruit along with other savoury ingredients. “Missing this ”Shilpa wrote along with the picture and added the hashtag “Pomelo salad”. Take a look:

Shilpa Shetty is an inspiration to anyone striving to lead a healthy life. She follows a clean eating lifestyle and motivates her followers to do the same. From sharing a snapshot of her healthy breakfast bowl to relishing a tasty soaked oats or a bowl featuring blueberries and slices of bananas, Shilpa hopes to motivate her fans and followers every time she shares glimpses of her meals on Instagram.  

But that’s not all, Shilpa keeps the fun alive by striking a balance when she chomps off a variety of foods when she’s out. You must know that Shilpa is a self-confessed foodie and never miss a chance to have some fun here and there. Her food diaries from Punjab included some drool-worthy lassi, served in an earthen kulhad. “When in Punjab, do what the Punjabis do. Lassi” she wrote with a picture of the chilled beverage.  

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