Sawan Somwar Vrat 2023: 6 Foods For Muscle Recovery

Sawan, or Shravan is the month of fasting and of abstaining from certain food groups to practice control over mind and body. Nutritionists and fitness experts have advised that fasting should be followed alongside exercise routines and workout regimes for optimum results. It is possible to reduce the intensity of a workout instead of skipping exercise altogether. Short walks, light lifting and a bit of cardio can be kept up to promote excellent fitness levels during the fasting month of Sawan and the four-month period of Chaturmas.

However, it is also imperative to follow a good diet plan during this time to ensure that the body receives its required sources of protein and fat to accompany exercise routines. A healthy post-workout meal is one of the best ways to ensure that the body can focus on muscle recovery and repair despite the abstinence from protein sources like chicken and eggs. Find out more about some of the foods that can be eaten post workout during Sawan:


Amaranth or rajgira is very rich in nutrient content and has a good amount of protein beneficial for muscle recovery after a strength workout. Crush a rajgira ladoo or barfi in a bowl and add some milk to it, for a dish that resembles a kheer. Have this highly comforting and filling meal after a workout session to boost strength, reduce soreness and give the body a jolt of energy. 

Sweet Potato Kees

Sweet potatoes are excellent sources of energy on vrat days. The complex carbohydrates are rich in fibres and antioxidants and help the body to quickly recover while expelling toxins and promoting gut health. A bowlful of sweet potato kees, that is, grated sweet potato lightly tossed in ghee, green chillies, crushed groundnut and cumin is the perfect meal to relish after a functional fitness session.


A glass of plain, full-fat milk is a complete meal and the ideal option for a post-workout drink during vrat days. Milk will provide the body with essential fats and proteins as well as a healthy amount of carbs required to take on the day. Post-exercise, milk will also work on strengthening the muscles and boost overall health and recovery. 


Fresh fruits like bananas, apples, papayas, pomegranates can be a good post-exercise meal especially after a light walk or low intensity muscle work. Fruits should be had in the first half of the day because the liver, which helps in processing fructose is strongest in the morning. Eating fruits post-workout will keep the body feeling fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day.

Danyachi Amti

If you are working out right before your evening meal, the best alternative is to have a helping of varai and peanut amti post-exercise. Made from samo, the varai or bhagar is akin to a rice which can be enjoyed on vrat days. Accompanied with peanut or danchyachi amti, it is a good source of energy that will ensure proper muscle recovery after a workout. This can be savoured particularly on leg day for that much-needed, post-workout comfort.


If possible, make sprouts at home by soaking moong, matki and other pulses in water overnight. Some sprouts can be eaten during Sawan, so have a bowlful of warm sprout salad after a workout to nourish the body and pump it with essential protein content. Sprouts are a good meal to have after a hybrid strength and functional session to restore energy and reduce soreness.