Sawan Purnima 2023: 6 No-Onion, No-Garlic Dishes For Vrat

Sawan Purnima, also known as Shravan Purnima, is a significant and auspicious festival celebrated by Hindus in India and across the world. It falls on the full moon day (Purnima) in the month of Sawan (July-August) according to the Hindu lunar calendar. Falling on the 1st of August this year, this day holds great spiritual and cultural importance, as it marks the beginning of the holy month of Sawan, dedicated to Lord Shiva and many people observe a day-long fast on this day. 

The month of Sawan is particularly auspicious for devotees of Lord Shiva, and Sawan Purnima is regarded as one of the most sacred days during this period. It is believed that Lord Shiva, rewards payers and devotion in greater amounts during this month so devotees undertake various religious practices, including fasting.

As part of the traditional customs during Sawan Purnima, many people observe fasting on this day. The fasting rules may vary from region to region and among different communities, but common practices include abstaining from consuming regular meals and opting for a restricted diet. Typically, devotees consume simple, vegetarian food and avoid eating onion, garlic, and non-vegetarian dishes as a mark of purity and devotion during this holy period.

Fasting on Sawan Purnima is considered a way to purify the mind and body, and it is believed to bring about spiritual growth and divine blessings. The fast is often broken in the evening after offering prayers and worship to Lord Shiva. Devotees offer milk, water, and Bilva leaves (bel leaves) to the Shiva Linga as a gesture of reverence and devotion.

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Here are 8 more no-onion, no-garlic dishes you can eat when breaking your Sawan Purnima fast:

Sabudana Khichdi: 

Sabudana is a fan favourite during fasting times and this khichdi, made with tapioca pearls (sago) cooked with roasted peanuts, and potatoes, and flavoured with cumin seeds, green chillies, and fresh coriander is a dish seen on made tables during vrat. It's light and easy to digest.

Khatta Meetha Kaddu:

Onion and garlic aren't needed to pack a punch in this flavour bomb of a dish. This sweet and tangy pumpkin curry, is prepared with tamarind, jaggery, and mild spices like cumin and mustard seeds. A delightful addition to your Purnima feasting.

Aloo Jeera: 

Sometimes simplicity is the key and this dish proves it. A bowl of comfort and incredibly easy to make Aloo Jeera is a dish of boiled or sautéed potatoes seasoned with cumin seeds, turmeric, green chillies, and a dash of lemon juice and will hit the spot every time.

Lauki Chana Dal: 

Though many people aren't big fans of bottle gourd, this dish will surely change their minds. The lauki is cooked with split chana dal until soft and rich and it's seasoned with ginger, green chillies, cumin seeds, and some mild spices to create a nutritious meal that's packed with nutrition.

Rajgira Paratha: 

Indulge in the comfort of paratha without the atta. Made with Rajgira (amaranth) flour and mashed potato, this mixture is used to make soft and gluten-free flatbreads that are perfect for fasting. Serve with a meal or on their own with a dollop of achar, ghee or yoghurt for a delightful meal.

Samvat Pulao: 

Though most avoid regular grains during this month Samvat rice, also known as barnyard millet is a popular substitute. In this pulao the millets are cooked with ghee, nuts, and spices to create a flavourful and wholesome pulao, perfect as a meal on its own or along with some curry or sabzi.

Sweet Potato Chaat: 

What better way to break a fast than with a delicious potato snack? Chaat is a favourite for all occasions and this chaat with roasted sweet potatoes is seasoned with rock salt, cumin powder, and black pepper, along with a squeeze of lemon juice. Tangy and nutritious, this chaat is a great option for a mid-afternoon snack that packs a punch.

Makhana Kheer: 

For those with a sweet tooth, try this desi dessert made with Makhana, (also known as fox nuts or lotus seeds). Packed with nutrients and made from roasted fox nuts, this creamy and delicious kheer is made with milk and a touch of cardamom for added flavour. It's easy to digest and offers a great boost of energy after a day of fasting.