Sawan Purnima 2023: 8 Vrat-Friendly Dinner Ideas

Sawan Purnima, or the full moon night falling during the auspicious monsoon month is a time for worship and rituals, a time for generous giving and for praying to the gods Shiva and Parvati. In 2023, the purnima in Shravan has special significance because this is also the Aadhik Maas, an extra month that is inserted into the calculations to adjust the lunar calendar with the solar months. Aadhik and Shravan coming together has much ritualistic and cultural significance. 

Image credit: Vanita's Corner

During Sawan, many choose to perform rigorous fasting to observe abstinence of the body and mind. For some, this means observing a strict juice fast, for others it simply about eating fruits and milk. Still others choose to stay away from onions and garlic in the monsoon month and observe a Sattvik diet, which is devoid of too many spices or indulgent flavours. 

This is a period to observe intermittent fasting as well, to synchronise the body's rhythm with the nature's cycle of sunrise and sunset. Many have early dinners during this month and end the day's feasting period by chanting, praying and eating fasting foods that are light on the stomach. Here are some vrat dishes that are suitable dinner options during Sawan fasting:

Aloo Ki Kadhi

This fast-friendly recipe brings together potatoes, chillies and singhada flour in a thick gravy-like mix made in a tempering of cumin and curry leaves. A dash of yoghurt gives a nice creaminess to this fast-friendly recipe that is delicious and easy to digest. Aloo Ki Kadhi can be paired with thalipeeth or a vrat-friendly paratha or some sama rice or varyache tandul.

Danyachi Aamti - Sama Rice

Peanut aamti or groundnut curry is a delicious option to end a vrat day. Made from crushed groundnuts in a tempering of cumin and ghee, this is a thick and creamy gravy that can be lathered on top of sama rice or varyache tandul for a filling meal. If you have a hankering for something crispy, fry a potato papad to accompany this delicious meal. Also add a bit of vrat-friendly lime pickle to the dish to give it a bit of zing.


A wholesome dish for breakfast or for a light dinner, thalipeeth made from bhajani or roasted cereals is like a thick paratha that can be enjoyed with freshly churned butter, curd or ghee. Have thalipeeth without onions and spices for a vrat-friendly light dinner. Make sure you choose the right kind of vrat-appropriate bhajani.

Kuttu Ki Poori

Kuttu or buckwheat flour is a vrat-friendly food and fried, crispy pooris made from this healthy millet are excellent options for light, fasting dinners. Fried kuttu pooris can be paired with aloo ki subzi or a delicious pumpkin curry for a full dinner. During Sawan, it is recommended to eat light, so watch the number of pooris you gobble up!

Rajgira Kheer

Opting for a light dinner? Rajgira or amaranth kheer is an ideal choice if you want to enjoy a quick, one-dish meal. Elderly folk many times opt for this simple kheer which is nutritious and easy to digest as a full meal to end a day of fasting. Have rajgira kheer seasoned with some eelaichi powder, lightly sweetened with jaggery or sugar as a light meal to end the feasting period.

Pumpkin Subzi

Pumpkin is a vegetable that can be enjoyed during Sawan. For a low-calorie dinner, pumpkin subzi with thalipeeth or singhada paratha is a suitable choice because it is light, filling and full of flavour. Made in a tempering of cumin, ghee, green chillies and crushed groundnut, chunks of steamed pumpkin acquire a pleasing softness so that they melt in the mouth.

Sweet Potato Kees

A one-dish meal made from sweet potatoes and crushed groundnut, this dish is favourite for its highly nutritious and satiating properties. Since Sawan is the month to observe abstinence, it is also a time to avoid indulging in rich, decadent foods. Sweet potato kees is the perfect meal for such evenings that tastes good and will fill you up and is in keeping with the fasting principle of observing control over body and mind.

Sama Rice Pez

Pez of any kind is a soothing soup-like dish to gobble up especially on chilly, windy monsoon evenings. On fasting day, make a simple pez out of sama rice which essentially brings together cooked sama or varai in a pot along with a tempering of cumin, green chillies and just a little bit of crushed groundnut. Savour this sama rice pez that will fill you up without overloading the stomach.