Sawan 2023: Tips To Keep In Mind While Fasting During The Month

Sawan, or Shravan, is an auspicious month in Hindu culture that is widely observed all over the country. During this time, the devotees worship Lord Shiva by praying, fasting, and following other rituals. According to the Hindu calendar, it is observed in the fifth month and is also marked by many important festivals like Janmashtami, Nag Panchami, and Raksha Bandhan.  

Generally, Sawan is for about 30-32 days, but this year it will stretch up to two months. It began on July 4 and will conclude on August 31. During this holy month, people consume satvik and vrat-friendly foods and avoid non-veg, onion, garlic, and other tamasik foods. Dry fruits, nuts, sabudana, singhara atta, bottle gourd, potato, sweet potato, milk, paneer, and ghee are some of the foods that are commonly consumed during Shravan. 

However, due to fasting and humid weather conditions, some people might feel weak and a little sick. So, it is important to take care of yourself this month. Here are five nutrition tips that can keep you healthy during the month of Sawan: 

Eat Small And Frequent Meals 

If you are fasting, make sure to eat small and frequent meals. There is no need to starve. You can include superfoods and healthy items in your diet, like sabudana, nuts, and amaranth. These nutritious items will keep your stomach light and give a boost to your immune system. Having light meals frequently will also help keep your energy level balanced. 

Stay Hydrated 

While fasting, we are more dehydrated, which can make us feel lazy and lethargic. So, it is important to keep drinking an adequate amount of water and staying hydrated. During Sawan, you can sip lemon water, buttermilk, or coconut water as well. No matter if you are fasting or not, it is important to stay hydrated during the monsoon to protect yourself from extreme humidity.  

Switch To Jaggery 

During fasting, we often crave sweet and sugary items as our leptin levels start to drop. So, it is better to go for jaggery instead of processed sugar to stay healthy. You can cook your Sawan desserts like makhana kheer and pumpkin halwa with jaggery to make the dish iron-rich and tasty. To curb your sweet cravings, you can also consume dates, fruit raita, or lassi. 

Consume Fruits 

During fasting days, fruits are the best way to boost your energy. They are a quick and filling option to get charged during Sawan. Bananas, apples, pomegranates, and mangoes are some fruits that are often recommended during the month of Shravan for an instant energy boost. Just make sure they are fresh and properly cleaned. 

Adopt Healthy Snacking 

While breaking the fast or usual snacking, go for light and healthy snacks like makhana, dry fruits, nuts, sweet potatoes, or fruit salads. Refrain from having namkeen, bhujiya, and other fried foods. Fried foods are heavy and can cause several digestive issues, such as acidity. Also remember, healthy snacking doesn’t mean just gulping a lot of makhanas or dry fruits; they should be consumed in moderation; a handful of them is enough at a time.