Sawan 2023: 5 Vegetarian Goan Recipes To Enjoy While Fasting
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As surprising as it might seem, smaller communities in Goa like the Goan Saraswat Brahmins, observe the period of fasting, during the month of Sawan. What’s most interesting about the community is that the food is a deep-dive into Goan regional recipes, that are vegetarian and in-tune with the season. Unlike the fish curries and chorizo fry that the beach state is famous for, here are five delicious Sawan-special vegetarian recipes from Goa.

Rava Fried Raw Banana

A vegetarian alternative to the popular rava fried chonak and seafood that Goa is famous for, crumb-coating slices of raw banana in a mixture of semolina and dry spice powders is a fantastic accompaniment to dal-chawal. Frying the slices of banana in a bit of oil over a low flame, ensures that you get a crisp exterior and a fluffy-soft interior, similar to that of fried fish.


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A vegetable stew made with the season’s fresh produce as well as Indian superfoods like triphal and coconut, the khatkhate is a mildly seasoned, slow-cooked dish that is often prepared during special occasions. Best when eaten with rice, the khatkhate is reflective of the flavours of Goan cuisine and is rich from the flavours of vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin and French beans.

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Maska Saang Sukhem

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A dry preparation of drumsticks cooked with coconut milk, grated coconut, garlic and curry leaves – the maska saang sukhem is a delicious sabzi that is perfect for the monsoon season. Packed with nutrition from the drumstick seeds, this vegetarian recipe stir fries ingredients like tomatoes, Xacuti masala powder and drumsticks before finishing off with a touch of coconut milk, giving it a savoury-tangy flavour.

Tambdi Bhaji

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A simple preparation of tempered red amaranth leaves, that is stir fried until wilted and garnished with plenty of fresh grated coconut, the tambdi bhaji or red vegetable, can be eaten with rotis or rice, and is often made as an accompaniment to standard Goan meals of rice and fish. A relatively popular Goan vegetarian offering, the tambdi bhaji a simple and quick preparation, packed with antioxidant properties and immunity-boosting nutrients.


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A chana dal based dessert, the jaggery-based mangane cooked with tapioca pearls is a great Sawan dish. Made with rich ingredients like coconut milk, jaggery, cashew nuts and cardamom, this version of the Goan kheer is the perfect ending to a Sawan meal. Best eaten when still hot, the mangane also tastes brilliant when made a day ahead and consumed later. It is also one of the rare handful of Goan desserts that does not use eggs.