Sara Ali Khan’s ‘Breakfast Of Champions’ Was ‘Egg-cellent’

Bollywood actor Sara Ali Khan, who is all set to feature in the latest episode of Koffee With Karan soon with actor Janhvi Kapoor, is currently in the Netherlands. If you happen to follow Sara on social media, you are, perhaps, aware of how big a travel and food buff she is. After London, Sara is soaking in the beauty of the Netherlands. And it is not just the idyllic views, but also the delish local food that is keeping Sara hooked. Sara is a self-confessed foodie, a few days ago, she relished some Turkish kebabs in Amsterdam. 

On Wednesday, the actor sat down at a deli for a ‘breakfast of champions'. She shared an image on her Instagram story, where we spotted four plates with delish breakfast favourites. From omlettes, sliced avocado, salmon, sautéed mushrooms, whole-grain breads, and croissants to salad, the breakfast spread looks like a neat-freak's dream come true too.

Eggs clearly emerged as a winner in this picture. The fluffy omelettes occupy one-third of the picture after all. But what is it about eggs that make it an incredible breakfast food? Of course, eggs are beneficial anytime of the day, but in the mornings particularly, you could do with some extra dose of protein. Why you ask? Because protein is the building block of life, it helps build muscle and fill you up. If you are satiated, you are high on energy and you also steer clear of salty, fattening fried foods that only add unnecessary calories. And now coming to the question of why should you choose eggs? Eggs are said to be the best source of bio-available protein. This means that the protein in eggs is easy for the body to assimilate and take into use.  

If you are bored of plain omelettes, there are plenty of other ways you can add eggs to your breakfast. You can scramble them or poach them. Eggs are a breakfast favourite across the world, in India, dishes like Parsi Akuri (scrambled eggs), Egg Paratha are a popular choice, in middle-east, there are dishes like Shakshouka that make the spread all the more loaded and colourful. So pick and choose as there are options galore.