Samosa Seller In Udaipur Gives Inspiring Life Lesson; See Tweet
Image Credit: @aaraynsh/twitter

Who would say no to fresh and "garma garam" samosas, especially during the rainy season? And who would have thought that buying these samosas could help in learning some life-changing and inspiring lessons? Well, a netizen went on to buy some samosas, and along with it, he got an inspiring life lesson from an old man who sells samosas and poha on the streets of Udaipur. The man took to Twitter and shared his experience. Have a look at the tweet below:

A Twitter user named Aaraynsh was out in Udaipur on a rainy day. He parked his car near a circle and spotted an elderly man selling samosas and poha. He went to place his order for the snacks, but who knew that this small visit would give him an important lesson for life? After ordering the snacks, Aaraynsh, out of curiosity, asked the uncle why he was not at home and resting but working on such a rainy day. The reply he got won his heart and changed his perspective on work and life.

The old man told him that, at this age, his emphasis is not on earning money. "I work because it makes me happy. I feel better working here rather than sitting alone at home. When I see people getting happy on enjoying the snacks made by me, my heart fills with utmost happiness and pleasure", he said. His words touched the Twitter user so much that he decided to share them with the world. He took to Twitter and shared this important lesson.

The post, shared by @aaraynsh on Twitter, received over 1.3 million views and 16.4k likes. The post has a picture of the old man. Not just the Aaraynsh, but other Twitter users too, had an overwhelming response to the post. A netizen commented, "If we enjoy our work, then life becomes simpler and more joyful. Money is just the outcome of work... thanks for sharing", while another said, "Best thing on Twitter today.". Several other people also commented on the post and talked about how a lot of people still love what they do.