Samantha Prabhu Celebrates Birthday In Greece With Lavish Dinner

Long-time BFF’s – Samantha Prabhu and Kresha Bajaj – who have been spending some much-needed girl time on their trip to Greece, brought in the former’s birthday with a delicious dinner. Kicking off with a bottle of organic rosé wine, the ladies were accompanied by a couple of other friends at a popular restaurant in Athens – where dinner was a great balance of fancy and familiar. Starting the meal with a plate of greens dressed with flaky sea salt as well as a tomato salad with fresh burrata and basil, the group proceeded to devour a flatbread topped with olive oil and seasoning, and served alongside a creamy yoghurt dip.

Another plate included a cucumber and blue cheese salad with a runny dressing, followed by green beans stir fried and served with a tomato sauce. To make things fancy, Kresha also shared a picture of a tray of fresh oysters sprinkled with chilli flakes, as well as a bowl of white beans cooked in a herby sauce. Indulging further with a plate of pasta in a cream sauce, Samantha was also seen smiling ear to ear as she looked over at three different types of desserts that were decorated with candles.

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A cute picture of the actress posted by Kresha showed her making a wish – as plates of chocolate cake with ice cream, whipped cream-raspberry sorbet-strawberries and two bowls of tiramisu waited to be dug into. If this wasn’t all the sugary indulgence that the actress needed, the group of friends also enjoyed cups of chocolate and vanilla ice cream soon after. The delicious meal was also accompanied by glasses of craft cocktails garnished in the most elegant manner, truly symbolising how special the dinner was for the birthday girl.