Salsa To Bruschetta: 8 Tomato-Based Dishes From Around The World

Tomato, which is botanically a fruit but extensively used as a vegetable, is known for its pulpy texture and sweet and juicy taste. Its vibrant red colour is added to dishes to make them presentable. They are used in multiple ways in cooking, like in pasta, salads, gravies and sauces, to give them a smoother consistency and make the experience remarkable.

Along with their culinary use, tomatoes are also praised for their health and skin benefits. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; they contribute to a healthy diet, as per the study published in the Journal of Biology (Basel) in 2022. So, let us discuss some tomato based dishes:

1. Tomato Gazpacho:

Spanish cold soup gazpacho is a delicious one made from blending vegetables together. It has a zesty, tangy flavour and is prepared with ripe tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, and garlic. It is then flavoured with olive oil and sherry vinegar. Silky consistency is achieved by blending the ingredients and chilling the soup before serving. A spoonful of sour cream, croutons, or crusty bread are great accompaniments to gazpacho. Its refreshing and cooling qualities make it an ideal summertime dish that showcases the abundance of fresh veggies in a lovely combination.

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2. Tomato Salsa:

Tomato salsa is a condiment that comes in a muddled texture, displays bright colours and is very spicy. Squeezing lime juice, the mix is seasoned with salt and contains diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and jalapenos. The zesty flavour from lime, the pungency from jalapeno, and the tomato’s sweetness form a memorable taste that balances the freshness of the ingredients with the heat from jalapenos. You can try tomato salsa as a condiment for tacos, fried nachos, or grilled foods, or as a traditional snack while eating hot tortilla chips. Its use as a main ingredient is highly significant, for it adds a burst of flavour and freshness to the accompanying dishes.

3. Tomato Rice:

Spicy tomato rice is a popular dish in South India with a flavourful tangy taste. The soft, fluffy rice grain is covered with a tomato-based sauce. To make this dish, start by frying onions with garlic and tomatoes and adding seasonings such as cumin, coriander and chilli powder later on. Partly cooked rice is mixed with this tomato gravy and it is simmered until completely cooked. You can serve the dish hot with curd/yoghurt, raita, potato wafers or crisp papad as accompaniments for a sumptuous meal.

4. Ratatouille:

The highly flavourful tomato ratatouille is a French stew made with tomatoes and fresh sumer vegetables like peppers, zucchini, eggplant, etc. Stewed tomatoes, parsley, and basil are simmered in olive oil, leading to the preparation of a tasty mix. The good thing about vegetables is that they preserve their unique sensations, while tomatoes have an added tanginess. Normally, the stew begins with sautéing vegetables or meat until they give out a rich flavour. Mostly served with pasta, or couscous for those who prefer to eat without bread. Whereas it is broad in its adaptability, it can be prepared alone as a tasty meatless treat, as it could also be enjoyed along with other meat dishes.

5. Tomato Bruschetta:

A crispy appetiser with fresh flavours of tomatoes, basil and cheese and a refreshing taste is tomato bruschetta. A beautiful top-up of ripe tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, and olive oil creates a perfect dish. For the preparation, use chopped tomatoes, combine them with finely sliced garlic, and then drizzle olive oil over the top. To a crispy base, a baguette that has already been toasted, and the mixture will be spooned on. Sensuous garlicky basil and juicy tomatoes go hand in hand. Serve as an appetiser or a small dish at parties; you can improve the appetiser by adding different types of cheese, olives or a balsamic glaze.

6. Tomato Chutney:

The flavour profile of tomato chutney exhibits tanginess while maintaining a balance of sweet and spicy flavours. The tomatoes become thick and chunky after being cooked with the onions, spices and garlic. Start by sautéing the garlic and onions, then add tomatoes and spices that are reduced to a thick mixture. It tastes good, and its flavour is generally added to the rice dishes. It is paired with dishes like dosa and idli for a tangy breakfast or snack. The chutney has a bold and tart kick to it, and its flavour is outstanding and unique. 

7. Tomato Basil Pasta:

Tomato and basil pasta is the most classic example and is widely accepted for its distinct  flavour. Some delicate basil leaves, generous garlic and vine tomatoes are the elements of a rich, creamy sauce. Pasta cooked in this creamy tomato sauce called Arabiatta flavours the entire dish and keeps the pasta intact and chewy. The preparation involves sautéing the garlic, followed by diced tomatoes and basil, and blending them with the cooked spaghetti or pasta. Top with extra virgin olive oil and grated Parmesan parmigiano cheese as a final touch. As a result, you will have a dish that enjoys a healthy and hearty flavour while truly having the Italian dining experience.

8. Tomato Risotto:

An excellent Italian meal with a rich flavour and creamy texture is tomato risotto. Arborio rice is cooked gently with garlic, onions, and white wine and then blended with a broth flavoured with tomatoes. The end product is a bright, crimson risotto that is creamy and slightly acidic. It tastes great with roasted chicken or grilled veggies. It is typically served with grated Parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and a drizzle of olive oil. This dish creates a cosy and fulfilling supper with the lovely harmony of the creaminess of the risotto and the acidity of the tomatoes.