Saif Ali Khan Turns 52 – What Does The Actor Eat?
Image Credit: Saif loves to eat Desi Chinese food

The Nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan, is known to be a very disciplined person who maintains a healthy lifestyle. For him, fitness is a part of his lifestyle and he does not see it as restrictive. The birthday boy, in fact, is satisfied and happy following a clean diet and hardly wants to break free from it. This does not mean Chhote Nawab Saif is not a foodie. He enjoys his food and loves to eat healthily. Let us see what he eats on a regular basis and what are the foods that compel him to cheat on his diet. 

Saif usually enjoys his homemade food, which consists of roti, dal, sabzi and dahi. He also loves to eat papad along with his meals and even indulged in some on his last birthday. He strictly believes that homemade food is the key to his fitness. Even while attending parties, he prefers not to eat there and either takes his own food or comes back home to a table full of his favourite dishes. Isn't that some commitment and discipline from the Sacred Games actor?

Saif, being from the royal Pataudi family, cannot stay away from non-vegetarian delicacies. A huge fan of chicken tandoori, biryani and tikka, Saif loves to eat his meat. His vegetarian wife, Kareena has confessed that Saif cannot ever become a vegetarian. But the actor also eats vegan food once in a while to detox his system. 

Saif and Kareena also share a common love Chinese and continental food and always end up ordering it from their favourite places in Bandra. He says that the concept of Chinese food is twisted in India and he definitely like the Indianized- Punjabi version of it more, aka, the infamous desi Chinese! Having played a chef in one of his movies, Saif also loves the food-truck culture that India has adopted and confesses that eating from those vans are like his guilty pleasure.

The actor likes oats, skimmed milk and fruits for breakfast | Pexels

Having said all of this, Saif knows how and when to control his cravings. He goes on no-carb and no-sugar diets when he has to shed kilos for a role because he does not believe in heavy workouts. He prefers oats and skimmed milk for breakfast and often eats grilled chicken and salad for lunch and dinner. He also eats fresh fruits instead of drinking juice because they are more nutrient rich. 

So, while Saif Ali Khan has his favourites, he sticks to his healthy diet options and treats himself once in a while with a heavy meal. A disciplined life and healthy diet are the secrets to his young appearance and fitness. Here’s wishing him a happy birthday and hoping that we take a leaf out of his book of good health!