Roselle, One Plant With Many Benefits! 5 Ways To Use It
Image Credit: Roselle plant, Freepik

Since ancient times, roselle has been used as a botanical remedy. There are numerous names for it. The Malvaceae family includes the shrub known as Roselle or Hibiscus sabdariffa. Roselle originates in Africa and Caribbean nations like Trinidad and Tobago and the West Indies and is now extensively cultivated throughout the world's tropical and subtropical climates, especially in India and Southeast Asia. In India, people often know it as Lal Ambari. It is referred to as Red Sorrel in English-speaking nations. You may come across it as sour tea in Iran. But one thing that has been common in its widespread usage is its plethora of health benefits. 

Use it for beverages

Flor de Jamaica, Image Source: Freepik

Roselle plant is well known for its many fleshy calyces. One favoured use is employing these flesh calyces to make the roselle juice, also known as flor de Jamaica. The highlight of this beverage is its brilliant crimson hue with a pleasant flavour. It is said to have anti-hypertensive, diuretic, mild laxative qualities and high levels of natural antioxidants such as vitamin C and anthocyanins. The drink can be made using dried calyces or fresh roselle. They are first boiled in water. It creates a dark-red, sour beverage. According to individual preference, sugar is added to sweeten it. Many like it to refrigerate to enjoy a chilled drink.

Roselle leaf for salad

Those who like to add a flavourful spin to their regular salads can consider this plant's leaves. The roselle leaf adds a taste reminiscent of peppery spinach combined with some sour fruitiness, which is why many people like to use it in salads. 

Dried and fresh Roselle flowers in diverse culinary ways

Hibiscus Roselle blossoms can be used to make tea or added to tea blends, whether dried or fresh. In India, they are known as Lal Ambari or Patwa. They provide a high-quality tart flavour as well as several health advantages. Likewise, some folks use them to flavour candies. 

Roselle flower chutney, Image Source:

Many people use dried flowers to give various cuisines an entirely edible and natural crimson colour. A tasty way to devour them is to make chutney or fresh pickle with roselle flowers. Not to forget those vibrant jams prepared using these blooms. 

Seeds capsule for digestive aid

The Roselle fruit's seed capsule is recognised for having diuretic and tonic qualities. Thus, it is employed to increase urine and bowel motions, cure constipation, and prevent colorectal cancer.

As delicious leafy dishes

The fresh leaves can be prepared as greens on their own and in combination with other leafy vegetables. Another well-known dish calls for cooking the soft roselle leaves with a choice of meat.

So, when and how are you going to use roselle plant in your culinary experiments? Don't restrict your creativity with this versatile plant.