Republic Day 2024: 8 Tri-Colour Recipes You Can Make At Home

Tri-colour desserts are always fun and they’re also easy to assemble if you need what you need. Although it’s always possible to use food colouring, it’s ideal if you opt for recipes which don’t need artificial colouring and use natural colours of its ingredients. Like a tri-coloured sandwich which can easily be made with carrots, spinach, lettuce and white bread, or easy tri-colour sushi which can be made with white shortgrain rice, orange-ish shrimp or carrots and avocado. 

Instead of cooked dishes, you can also opt for dry, assembled ones which feature the three colours of the flag, like salads or chaat. In case you're looking for ideas for tri-colour foods, here are some great ideas

Tiranga Dhokla

A playful take on the traditional dhokla, the Tiranga Dhokla showcases layers of vibrant colours which is quite easy to achieve without food colouring. You can make the base layer with besan, the middle layer with spinach for a rich green hue, and the top layer with carrot for a bright orange. You can use a spinach filling or a spinach chutney mix and shredded or ground carrot; since dhokla is steamed the colour is likely to stay on. 

Tricolour Pulao

Whip up a winter veggie pulao with plenty of carrots, green and maybe a sprig or two of peaberry flower for a touch of blue. There are many creative ways to assemble a tri-colour pula; you can go for saffron to enhance the orange colour and you can use multiple types of greens, from beans and parsley to peas. A touch of nuts can help the primary colours stand out on a canvas that is white rice.

Freedom Parfait

Layered desserts are always an easy way out when it comes to tri-colour desserts. Simply arrange the parfait layers in the right order! You can use yoghurt, kiwi puree, and mango pulp to create a tricolour masterpiece. Garnish with pistachios and saffron strands and maybe a mini flag on top!

Tricolour Khandvi

These gram flour rolls are easy to experiment with. They can be filled with a green chutney made from cilantro and mint and topped with a tangy orange tempering. This dish not only captures the essence of the flag but also offers a delightful play of textures and tastes.

Saffron and Pistachio Kheer

Use saffron and pistachio to elevate a basic white kheer and make it a themed mithai! Infused with saffron for a golden hue, the kheer is adorned with crushed pistachios and grated coconut, representing the green and white of the flag. This rich and creamy dessert is a perfect conclusion to any Republic Day feast you’re hosting

Tricolour Sandwich

Combines layers of paneer, spinach, and carrot spreads between slices of bread. It’s best to use crustless white bread for this one and if possible especially if you’re planning double or triple-decker sandwiches. In case you’re using sourdough, use chopped boiled eggs to stand in for the white shade.

Fruit Chaat

Fruit chaat is the easiest tri-colour food you can make. Assemble some diced white apples, kiwi and oranges and sprinkle with chaat masala and a dash of lemon. This vibrant fruit medley offers a burst of flavour; you can also add some papaya and some greens to enhance the oranges and the greens.

Tri-layered Panna Cotta

Panna cotta typically features thickened cream but if you’re making a layered one, make sure the cream is not too dense so the layers can actually hold their shape. Mix layers of coconut milk (white), matcha-infused panna cotta (green), and mango puree (orange). Setting is quite important for this recipe, so once the layers are arranged let it sit in a freezer for at least an hour before serving