Independence Day 2023: 8 Healthy Tricolour Recipes To Try
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Independence Day is once again upon us, and in 2023, all Indians everywhere will be celebrating the 76th Year of Indian Independence with aplomb. This, of course, means there will be a monumental flag hosting ceremony at the Red Fort in Delhi and schools, communities and societies across the nation will follow suit. A traditional part of the Independence Day celebrations in India, and all other celebrations for that matter, is the food served after the flag hoisting ceremony. What’s more, people also celebrate the entire day with special foods that represent our national flag, the Tiranga. 

This of course means that there will be a festive spread that most Indians will be indulging in to celebrate Independence Day on 15th August. The easiest thing to do here is to serve plenty of Indian snacks, from samosas to chhole bhature, kheer to halwas. And yet, for those who are suffering from health issues or have weight problems to care for, often tend to miss out on the festivities because loading up on too many fried dishes or sweet-packed mithai is simply not ideal for them. 

This Independence Day, let’s change all that with a little consciousness on the part of those hosting or catering for these incredible events. Indian cuisine offers a vast variety of dishes that are healthy, coloured like the Tiranga, and are yet tasty enough to be a part of Independence Day feasts. For that matter, so do global cuisines, and giving international dishes an Indian twist is all that’s needed to ensure the good health of people on Independence Day. 

So, if you are throwing a party this Independence Day, here are some of the healthiest Tricolour hued dishes you can create for conscious celebrations. 

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Tiranga Dhokla 

Giving the traditional Gujarati Dhokla a Trianga twist is the easiest thing in the world. All you need to do is whip up a white batter with rice flour and urad dal, divide it into three parts and then infise each of them with the colours of the Tricolour. Add grated carrot to make the orange layer and spinach to turn the Dhokla batter green. The white bit can remain as it is. All you need to do then is layer the Tiranga Dhokla, steam it and serve with chutney. 

Tiranga Modak 

Another appropriate Indian festive dish that can be easily given the colours of the Tricolour, Modak is a sweet treat you must have at your Independence Day party. Use a traditional rice flour recipe to make the Modak shells, but colour them saffron with saffron soaked in milk or orange extract. For the green Modaks, go for coriander, mint and other herb extracts. Stuff the Modak with sweet coconut and jaggery for the ultimate treat. 

Tiranga Salad 

A salad may not essentially be Indian, but it is indeed healthy and can be customized for your needs on Independence Day. For the orange element in the Tiranga Salad, you can try carrots, orange segments and orange bell peppers. For the white element, you can add paneer, almonds, cashews and sesame seeds. And for the green ones, try capsicum and as many herbs as possible. 

Tiranga Laddoo 

Power laddoos are all the rage these days, so why not turn them Tricolour for your Independence Day party? You can use besan, saffron and jaggery to make saffron-coloured laddoos. For the white ones, try laddoos made with peanuts, sesame seeds, cashews and almonds. And for the green ones, go for wheat flour or millet flour packed with pistachios. There, your traditional Indian laddoo thali is ready! 

Tiranga Steamed Pudding 

A steamed pudding is very easy to serve, especially if you simply steam them in cups or glasses customised for individual servings. All you need to do is make a pudding batter with semolina, breadcrumbs, milk and sugar—adding eggs is up to you. Divide it into three parts, and infuse saffron and spinach to two parts. Assemble the pudding cups, steam them and voila, they are ready to be served.  

Tiranga Kebab 

If you are non-vegetarian, then this easy Tiranga Kebab platter is going to make your Independence Day celebrations vibrant and delicious. All you need are chicken boneless pieces divided into three parts. For the saffron, prepare an orange-coloured tandoori marinate. For the white, go for yoghurt, white pepper and mild spices. For the green, try a Hariyali kebab marinate. 

Tiranga Pulao 

The easiest and most filling part of an Independence Day feast, Tiranga Pulao needs to be whipped up in three different batches. The white Pulao is hassle-free, but you can flavour it with almonds and cashews if you want to make it a little richer. The orange one should be made with grated carrot and saffron. The green Pulao can be made with a blend of spinach and herbs.  

Tiranga Bhapa Sandesh 

Bhapa Sandesh is a delicious Bengali sweet that is made with chhena and sugar, and it is quite healthy because it is steamed to perfection. Make a simple Sandesh mix with chhena, sugar and a bit of corn flour. Divide it into three, then infuse one part with saffron or ripe jackfruit and another part with herbs or spinach. Press into Sandesh form and steam to serve to your guests.